Friday, January 7, 2011

Weekend Plans: 1/7/11

First off, let me say how wonderful it was to see so many supportive and loving faces at Dada last night. It was a beautiful memorial concert, and I do want to discuss it in more detail on the blog. When I do write about it, I want to have more time to write a review that does Frankie's memory justice.

In the meantime, here are a few of the shows taking place this weekend. It's a little slow of a weekend, but the year's still young. The next few weekends will likely be more festive.

The O's (American Airlines Center)
I guess you can say that The O's have officially hit the big time, now that they're performing at American Airlines Center, performing at the same venue as nationally known artists like Lady Gaga, Christina Aguilera, and Ozzy Osbourne. Sure, they're sharing the bill with a hockey game between the Dallas Stars and the New York Rangers, but let's be honest, The O's are the real reason to attend the AAC tonight.
Victor Rosario/The Roomsounds/Phoenix Hart< (Opening Bell Coffee)
It seems unusual to have a band that puts on as rocking and energetic of a show as The Roomsounds in a usually mellow venue like OBC, but I'll take me some Roomsounds whenever I can. Phoenix Hart delivers a more traditional OBC performance, and her CD Save Love is filled with plenty of catchy tunes and lovely vocals.
Tweed EQ/The Red 100's/Jokersdeck (Double-Wide)
The Red 100's are near the top of the list of bands I haven't seen but need to in 2011. I've also heard many friends raving about Tweed EQ, so this might be a good opportunity to check out some newer bands.

The O’s/Southbound Lane/Wheeler Sparks/Luke Wade (Kessler Theater)
If you're looking to see The O's in a slightly more intimate venue than AAC, well, here you go.
Fatty Lumpkin/Fever in the Funkhouse/Electronicos Vaqueros (Club Dada)
Is it awful of me that I've never seen Fever perform live yet, especially since they're one of the few bands from Deep Ellum's heyday that are still performing and even releasing new material? On a separate note, if you plan on going to this show, get their early enough to hear Clay Pendergrass' band, Electronicos Vaqueros.

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