Thursday, December 15, 2011

Bravo, Max... and Ned... and Signals and Alibis

As you may recall, I was recently given the opportunity to become the head booking agent at the Crown and Harp. I want to thank the bands who have played there so far, and well as those of you who have checked out the venue lately. I also realize that many of you have not been back since the days it was called The Cavern.

This Friday night is the perfect time for you to return to 1914 Greenville Avenue. I have assembled my finest lineup to date tonight. Starting off the night at 9 pm is Signals and Alibis, which looks like they're about to join the leagues of True Widow, Menkena, and Little Black Dress as among Dallas' finest shoegaze acts. Up next is Bravo, Max!. The band is now stripped down to a trio, but Johnny Beauford's songwriting skills hold up whether performed by three or seven. Wrapping up the evening is Goodnight Ned, a band that has grown in leaps and bounds ever since I saw them play first in January. They were good at the time, but when I saw them in October, the energy on stage was undeniable. Expect big things from them in 2012.

Now I know some of you are working up excuses in your head to miss the show. "But Ghost, I really don't want to deal with all that Lower Greenville construction. But Ghost, I'm short on cash and can't afford the cover." Well, the construction is finally over and done with, so that eliminates excuse number one. And I know the lineup is impressive enough you'd expect a higher than usual cover charge. But actually, the REVERSE is true. There is absolutely no cover charge all night. So if you're going to have an excuse, you've got to make one way better than the ones I just shot down.

So come on out by 9, because you won't want to miss the opening set by Signals and Alibis.