Friday, May 27, 2011

Ghost of Blind Lemon Radio Playlist: 5/25/11

Again, thanks to Ducado Vega and Bloodrich for hanging out with me and performing on the show. I'll get more show recommendations up later, but needless to say, their show at The Bone with The Kul, The Red 100's, and Gypsy Bravado is THE show of the weekend. Now, on with the playlist.

"Red Palomino", The Demigs
"Prepared", Jessie Frye
"New Disco", Stella Rose
"Eyes Get Bigger", Oil Boom
"Better by Design", John Lefler
"Buy You", Spookeasy
"Crawl", The Virgin Wolves
"Love Bomb", Rude King
"Flick the Moon at Mars", One Red Martian
"Daylight", El Cento
"No, MY Generation", Kirby Brown
"Desperate Times", Old 97's
"Indian Melody", Calhoun
"These Are the Dead Days", Calhoun
"Coma Rally", Coma Rally
"Tearing up the Road", Grand Street Cryers

IN STUDIO PERFORMANCE: Ducado Vega & Bloodrich

"Set Me Free", The Red 100's
"Time for a Change", The O's
"Labor of Love", Smile Smile
"Ellie", Scott Riegel
"Hush", Anna Thomas
"Two Words", Taylor Marie
"Will You Be There", Pale Horse

And if you'd like me to play your songs on my Deep Ellum Radio show, send some mp3s to and if I like what I hear, I'll play it.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Ghost of Blind Lemon Radio: 5/17/11

Alright, so I'm quite a bit late in posting this playlist. Better late than never, right? Besides, now's a perfect time to remind you to listen to tomorrow's show on deepellumradio from 6-8 pm CST. I'll be joined by special guests Nick Metzger (manager of The Orange), along with Scott Tucker and Cody Waits of The Orange. Speaking of that band, I'll be doing a live broadcast from Curtain Club Friday night for The Orange's show. Come hang.

And before I digress any further, here's the playlist.

"So, Within", Seryn
"Open the Night", One Red Martian
"I'm Immune", Chris Holt
"Eyes Get Bigger", Oil Boom
"Allison", The Burning Hotels
"Get It on the Floor", LehtMoJoe
"Hey Jane", Bravo, Max!
"Heart's on Fire", The Marfalites
"I Know a Thing or Two (About You)", Tweed EQ
"If It Never Gets Better", Taylor Davis
"Billy Prichard", Slobberbone
"The Fall Fashions", The Deathray Davies
"Accomplice", Nervous Curtains
"Wired to Make Waves", Nervous Curtains

"Prepared", Jessie Frye
"Gusto", The Demigs
"Shake Your Dandelion", Ishi
"Daylight", El Cento
"Geek", The Crazy Ivans
"Turn on Your Radio", THe BAcksliders
"to the 9's", hormones
"Fake Museum", Raised by Tigers
"Like a Charm", Here Holy Spain
"New Disco", Stella Rose
"Set Me Free", The Red 100's
"Paper Girl", Katie Carroll
"Tryin' to Have a Good Time", The O's
"Bridges", Sorta
"Schoolboy", Kirby Brown

Friday, May 13, 2011

Weekend Plans: 5/13/11

While Friday the 13th is in theory supposed to be an unlucky day, this weekend seems to be very lucky for fans of local music. There are an abundance of good shows this weekend, more so than unusual. The only unlucky part is that you can't be in more than one place at a time. I'd need at least three of me to reasonably cover all this good music.

And while I eventually will start giving more commentary on my weekend recommendations, today will not be that day.

  • RTB2/THe BAcksliders/The Demigs (Dan's Silverleaf)

  • Emmeline (Roots Coffeehouse)

  • The Orbans/Quaker City Nighthawks/Fate Lions (Magnolia Green Park)

  • Jessie Frye/Salim Nourallah & Chris Holt/Manned Missiles (LaGrange)

  • Rahim Quazi/Mora Collective/Mi Prospero (Opening Bell Coffee)

  • Dallahachie Boys/The Marfalites/The Driftin' Outlaw Band (The Bone)

  • The Boom Boom Box/Garbaj Kaetz/Darktown Strutters/Unconscious Collective (Pastime Tavern)

  • HOMEGROWN FEST (Just click on the link for all the important info)

  • The Beaten Sea/Oil Boom/Dovetail (Kessler Theater)

  • Garrett Owen/Jaimee Harris/Tiger Darrow/Matthew Bridgman (Opening Bell Coffee)

  • North of Autumn (Lochrann's)

  • Binary Sunrise/L.A.X./Nervous Curtains/New Fumes (Club Dada)

I feel certain that I've omitted a show of significance. Show me the error of my ways in the comments section.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Homegrown Fest '11 Tickets

One of the biggest local shows of last year had to be Homegrown Fest, and this year's lineup is only going to be bigger. For details on the lineup, check out the Homegrown Fest website. You can also purchase tickets at the site for the big show Saturday. Of course, if you'd rather not pay, that can be arranged too.

Josh Florence, one of the founders of the event, was kind enough to give me two pairs of tickets to the show on Saturday that features Neon Indian as the headliner. Before Alan Palamino started Neon Indian, or even Vega, he had a project in 2008 that released a single called "Parking Lot Nights". I'm even letting you listen to the track below. But here's my question: what was the name of that group that performed "Parking Lot Nights"? The first person to send an email to with the name of that band in the subject line of the email wins the tickets. It's that simple.

If you don't win the tickets today, fear not: I will be giving away the second pair of tickets on the Ghost of Blind Lemon Radio Show on Deep Ellum Radio this Wednesday night 6-8 pm. But of course you were already planning on listening, weren't you?

Friday, May 6, 2011

Weekend Plans: 5/6/11

Lotta good shows to talk about, not a lot of time for me to talk before heading downtown. So here's the basics.

Dead Beat Poetry/The Roomsounds/Scott Tucker/Joe Hardy (Liquid Lounge)
If the above video doesn't convince you to come, I don't know what would. Except maybe the knowledge that I'll be broadcasting live from the Curtain Club patio with deepellumradio. Yes, I'm biased, but that's beside the point. It's still the show to be at tonight.
Dovetail/Quaker City Nighthawks/The Misteries (Double-Wide)
The Prospect Before Us, Spookeasy, Sealion, Leading Story, Rammit, Jacob Chaney (The Prophet Bar)
The folks from Spookeasy swear that Sealion is an amazing band. Don't know if they're right or not, but either way Spookeasy is worth the price of admission.
Tony Scalvo/Salim Nourallah/Kristy Kruger (Club Dada)
Mr. Scalvo from Fastball headlines, but in my book, Mr. Nourallah and Ms. Kruger will steal the show.
Jessie Frye/Tiger Darrow/Bravo, Max! (Dan's Silverleaf)
This is Ms. Frye's Denton CD release show. Solid lineup all the way through.
Tweed EQ/Disposable Music/Bass Drum (The Crown and Harp)
The owners of The Cavern hinted that music shows would be fewer and fewer after the change of names happened. And yet this lineup, featuring blues-rockers Tweed EQ and Disposable Music (featuring members of Happy Bullets), is stronger than most of the shows last year at Cavern. Go figure.

Here Holy Spain/Broken Gold/Record Hop/Orange Peel Sunshine (Club Dada)
If you prefer RAWK to rock music, then this is your show. It'll be loud, in your face, and musical greatness. By the way, I haven't raved near enough about HHS's latest effort, Division.
Lolaspalooza (Lola's)
Pretty much any one single band on the indoors stage is worth the price of admission alone. Together, it's gonna make for a great night. Go to Lola's website for times and stuff.