Friday, May 13, 2011

Weekend Plans: 5/13/11

While Friday the 13th is in theory supposed to be an unlucky day, this weekend seems to be very lucky for fans of local music. There are an abundance of good shows this weekend, more so than unusual. The only unlucky part is that you can't be in more than one place at a time. I'd need at least three of me to reasonably cover all this good music.

And while I eventually will start giving more commentary on my weekend recommendations, today will not be that day.

  • RTB2/THe BAcksliders/The Demigs (Dan's Silverleaf)

  • Emmeline (Roots Coffeehouse)

  • The Orbans/Quaker City Nighthawks/Fate Lions (Magnolia Green Park)

  • Jessie Frye/Salim Nourallah & Chris Holt/Manned Missiles (LaGrange)

  • Rahim Quazi/Mora Collective/Mi Prospero (Opening Bell Coffee)

  • Dallahachie Boys/The Marfalites/The Driftin' Outlaw Band (The Bone)

  • The Boom Boom Box/Garbaj Kaetz/Darktown Strutters/Unconscious Collective (Pastime Tavern)

  • HOMEGROWN FEST (Just click on the link for all the important info)

  • The Beaten Sea/Oil Boom/Dovetail (Kessler Theater)

  • Garrett Owen/Jaimee Harris/Tiger Darrow/Matthew Bridgman (Opening Bell Coffee)

  • North of Autumn (Lochrann's)

  • Binary Sunrise/L.A.X./Nervous Curtains/New Fumes (Club Dada)

I feel certain that I've omitted a show of significance. Show me the error of my ways in the comments section.

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