Monday, September 13, 2010

The Lucky Thirteen: 9/13/10

  1. "Aim High", Chris Holt
    I'm saving my comments for the review I hope to get out of Mr. Holt's upcoming CD, A Cosmic Joke

  2. "Talk to my Heart", THe BAcksliders
    I thought the band had a show in Fort Worth this week, but I'm not seeing any mention on the website. If anyone has any official info, feel free to post it in the comments.

  3. "Caldera", The Timeline Post
    Speaking of comments, what's up with The Timeline Post? I haven't heard about any shows in months, and I'm hoping the band is still together. Again, post a comment if you know something.

  4. "Letters From a Young Danny Kennedy", RTB2
    Ryan and Grady have a busy weekend ahead. The band plays Friday Night at the Kessler Theater, and then will perform Saturday at Rubber Gloves.

  5. "Girl from the City", The King Bucks
    The band plays Friday at one of its favorite places, Adair's.

  6. "Motivational", Toadies
    Kirtland Records recently announced that there will be a Toadies tribute album being released. As I understand it, applications are still being accepted from both well established local acts as well as lesser known up and coming acts.

  7. "A Black Wave Is Comin'", Doug Burr
    After several months or either few or no postings or playlists, too many good tracks are only now getting the attention from me that they deserve. I've been listening to the track for months, but this is the song's debut on the Lucky Thirteen. Better late than never, right?

  8. "Just Wanna Try", Luna Matto
    After about two years after its opening, Mokah Coffee Bar is finally making its mark on the local music map. This is thanks in no small part to the recent shows being booked by Chelsea Callahan. I'm not sure if she had a hand in Saturday's show featuring Luna Matto and Something in the Wheel's Mimo Morreale, but it's sure to be a good show.

  9. "Preacher, Preacher", The Phuss
    This band blew me away when they opened up for Spector 45's CD release show. They also nearly blew out my eardrums, but that's another story. I enjoyed every second of the damage to my hearing.

  10. "Falling Out of Sync With Time (History at Our Disposal Mix)", Nervous Curtains
    The band recently released an album of remixes, The Song's Been Damaged, and it can be downloaded free of charge on the Nervous Curtains Bandcamp page. Oh, and you can hear the non-remixed versions of the songs Friday at Kessler Theater when they perform with RTB2.

  11. "Pardon Me", Jonathan Tyler & The Northern Lights
    Last week's playlist was supposed to be a Labor Day tribute to some of the hardest working acts in the metroplex area. This is one of the songs that would've made the cut. Mr. Tyler and his band have been touring like crazy, and I'm still hoping it pays off and pushes him into the national spotlight.

  12. "You're No Good", Pale Horse
    I like this band. A lot. Hey, I warned you about my less than witty comments this time around...

  13. "Walk Beside Me", Kerri Arista
    Emmeline recently performed with Ms. Arista and said quite nice things about her music. Being curious and trusting Emmeline's opinion, I checked out Kerri's website. There were several good songs on there, but this song really stood out. The intro is so simple and stark, and Ms. Arista's voice is crisp, clear, and possesses a beautiful simplicity. I could analyze the technical aspects of the song further, but that would minimize the song's greatest strength. "Walk Beside Me" is a very tender, emotional, and at risk of sounding corny, a very touching song. And while I risk becoming more cliched, isn't music about touching your heart?