Friday, April 29, 2011

Weekend Plans: 4/29/11

I'm writing this mere minutes before I head out for the night, so forgive the brief commentary. I'm sure I'll forget a really important show, so feel free to point out any significant omissions in the comments section.

And now, the shows...

THe BAcksliders/RTB2 (Double-Wide)
Not only is this a CD release show for THe BAcksliders, but they're also recording a live CD tonight. Maybe if you shout loud enough, you'll hear yourself on the record.
Human Groove Hormone/Immigrant Punk/Paul Chrisopher Yanez/Emmeline/Suzanne KimBrell/Jennifer Bean/Audacious/Karyna Cruz/Backwater Opera/Mark Brant/Sonya Jevette (Lakewood Bar & Grill)
Check out my last blog entry for my thoughts and such.
Tweed EQ/Sir Silky (Fallout Lounge)
I hope Tweed EQ's CD release show doesn't get overlooked, considering that THe BAcksliders are playing down the street. Their album Second Tour is full of plenty of bluesy riffs and classic rock revivalism. As for Sir Silky, he'll certainly bring the party to the show.
Smile Smile (The Belmont)
Word is that the duo is working on material for album number three. You'll probably get to hear some of the new tunes tonight.
The Roomsounds, Van Darien, Pale Horse, Griffin Schmucker, Gypsy Bravado, Playtime Rabbit (The Prophet Bar)
I don't even have time to start talking about how much talent is on this lineup.

The Phuss/THe BAcksliders/The Demigs (Lola's)
THe BAcksliders bring their CD release party to Ft. Worth. Openers The Demigs had their CD release show at Dada recently, and so say it sounded tight would be an understatement. Fans of Pixies and Pavement, get their early so you don't miss them.
Pastime Tavern's 74th Anniversary Party
Highlights will include Luna Matto, Here Holy Spain, and Flowers of God (most likely sans Sarah Jaffe).
The Marfalites/These Mad Dogs of Glory (LaGrange)
Are the Marfalites the best country act in Dallas? Maybe. Are they Dallas' best kept secret in country music? Undoubtedly.
The Broadsiders/Rude King/Dog Company/Letters to Voltron (Liquid Lounge)
For those who listened to my radio show Wednesday, you heard me say that I'm usually not a ska fan. You then heard me bust out local ska band Rude King's "Love Bomb". Why? Because I am ALWAYS a fan of a good catchy song. From what I've heard, Rude King has plenty of those.
Rahim Quazi/Ryil Dylan (Claypit Restaurant)
Note to Rahim fans: Rahim will NOT be playing his usual hook-filled singer-songwriter material. Instead, he's busting out some Indian music. Fans of Mr. Quazi may be curious to see him branch out into this different musical direction.

My Apologies to Emmeline... and Trevor

On my deepellumradio shows, I tend to focus almost exclusively on trying to promote shows specifically within the Deep Ellum neighborhood. After all, that is one of the primary focuses of the station: to support music and venues in that neighborhood. Unfortunately, that may mean many worthy concerts do not get mentioned on my show.

Right before my most recent show aired, musician (and friend) Emmeline asked if I'd made a mention of her show Friday. I felt like a real idiot, because I had not. Granted, the show takes place at Lakewood Bar & Grill, clearly outside of the Deep Ellum proper area. But still, I was quite upset about my omission.

Why is that? Sure, Emmeline is one of the best singer-songwriters within the area, but the issue goes deeper than that. The bill also features Suzanne Kimbrell and Karyna Cruz, two singer-songwriters that have piqued my curiousity as of late (I still have not seen either play live yet). No, this goes beyond any mere performer (or group of performers for that matter).

All the proceeds of this show go to The Trevor Project, and if you are not familiar with the group, I urge you to check that website out immediately. And while I usually refrain from any commentary about social issues on the site, I feel compelled to comment here. This is a cause that in my opinion goes beyond one's sexual preference. This is an issue of a person's right to not be bullied. And yes, I consider that a right. It is an individual's right to not be harassed whether because of their race, religion, sexual preference, or any other fathomable issue.

Yes, there are MANY fabulous shows tonight, and I will address them later this afternoon. But I felt this one deserved a little extra attention, as it is for a good cause. In fact, make that a critically important cause.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Ghost of Blind Lemon Radio: 4/27/11

For those who have been faithfully listening to my radio show on deepellumradio, I give you my sincere thanks. To those who have not been listening, I hope to convince to start listening every Wednesday 6-8 pm CST. Perhaps if you see the fine musical selections that you're missing out on, that will convince you to turn up your computer speakers and give me a listen. So without further ado, here's this week's playlist.

"Underground", Kirby Brown
"Hotel Denalian", Bravo, Max!
"Missing Funerals", Salim Nourallah
"Hands Where Words Cannot Go", RTB2
"City of Hate", Toadies
"Carney's Lake", W.A. Fite
"Save Your Breath", Camille Cortinas
"Chasing Corporate", Air Review
"Justify or Explain", Tweed EQ
"Man with the Crooked Crown", Nicholas Altobellit
"You're No Good", Pale Horse
"Burn It Down", Here Holy Spain
"Tropicall", Soviet
"Holy Water", Princess Tex
"Holiday", Vibrolux
"Potential Future Selves", THe BAcksliders
"Turn on Your Radio", THe BAcksliders

"sEVEN", DuCADO Vega
"Parking Lot Nights", Ghosthustler
"Set Me Free", The Red 100's
"Love Bomb", Rude King
"Charmed", The Bright
"Eyes Get Bigger", Oil Boom
"Skull Eyes", True Widow
"Three", The Timeline Post
"Sins of the Fathers", Course of Empire
"Remember You", The O's
"Pawn Shop Special", The Marfalites
"Someone Else's Blues", Greg Schroeder

And for those who have been wondering, the Ghost of Blind Lemon theme (intro song) was created by Clay Pendergrass, and the outro song is an excerpt from Rahim Quazi's "Supernatural (Reprise).

Also, feel free to email me at with song requests, suggestions for the show, or if you have an mp3 you'd like me to play.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Edgefest 21: And Then There Were Ten...

For the second year in a row, KDGE is giving local bands the opportunity to open up at Edgefest. Last week, twenty bands were selected, and fans had the opportunity to vote for their favorite band. The ten with the most votes moved on to round two this week. Voting for this round ends this Sunday at midnight, and the three acts with the greatest number of votes progress to the final round. Already, two favorites of mine (Luna Matto and Spookeasy) have been eliminated. There are still, however, several excellent choices remaining. Here is a look at my four favorite bands still competing (listed in alphabetical order), complete with a little summary on each band. I have also included my thoughts on how well each band would fit in at Edgefest.

MY THOUGHTS: I was impressed with this band the first time I heard "Seven" on The Local Edge with Mark. The track is a fresh blend of electronica, funk, and rock that is not like anything else in the metroplex area. While the song is good, you cannot fully understand and appreciate the band without experiencing their live performance. The live show is much more raw and funky, sure to get any audience on its feet. Fans of Prince and old school Lenny Kravitz are sure to love this act.
FITTING IN AT EDGEFEST: There's certainly no comparable act to DuCADO Vega on this year's lineup. And traditionally, the station veers away from more dance oriented music. Using that same logic, Ishi should not have opened up for Edgefest last year (and they did). And while Ishi may make you want to dance, with DuCADO Vega you feel the NEED to dance. So if the kids still like to dance, they'll end up fitting right in and winning over a new crowd.

North of Autumn
MY THOUGHTS: The youngest band of the four selected, this group is surprisingly mature in their presentation and level of skill. The one time I saw them play, not only was the performance tight, it was complete with a full light show, making it more an experience than a mere performance. The crowd seemed to be in full enthusiastic agreement with me. While the band's sound may be a little poppier than might please the die hard indie hipster crowd, for fans more concerned with catchy melodies than being trendy, North of Autumn will more than do the job.
FITTING IN AT EDGEFEST: The sound is certainly lighter than the majority of the lineup. NoA definitely would be a more natural fit for Coldplay for even The Fray than Jane's Addiction or Social D. Still, their melodic rock would certainly make a lovely way to start out the fest.

Pale Horse
MY THOUGHTS: Wow, here I am yet again having to come up with new things to say about this band. Let's start with the fact that "You're No Good" was my favorite song of last year, and that I named the band as one of the best live acts in the metroplex. The level at which I love this band is hardly a secret. They've been working on new material, posting new tracks on their bandcamp for free. I don't know if these tracks will get the full band treatment eventually, but they certainly take the band in an even darker and heavier direction. But Pale Horse has never shied away from heavy or controversial topics. Now is no exception.
FITTING IN AT EDGEFEST: Of the four bands selected, this one would probably be the most obvious fit at Edgefest. The band's lyrically intimate style is sure to bring comparisons to Edgefest favorite Blue October, although their style comes closer to a modern version of The Band than Blue October. Simply put, this is classic rock for another generation, and I think that will go over very well at Edgefest.

Smile Smile
MY THOUGHTS: I've always liked Smile Smile, but the release of Truth on Tape gave me a new respect for the band. The album is one of the best heartbreak CDs ever to emerge from the area. The topic came naturally to the band, as the music was being written as the duo was going through a very rough and public breakup. One might think that such a breakup might mean the end of the band, but Smile Smile has managed to make their personal problems work for them. Much of the on stage banter even revolves around their past. As for the melodies, mix equal parts heartbreak with pop piano hooks, and that's the Cliff Notes version of what Smile Smile is.
FITTING IN AT EDGEFEST: Like North of Autumn, the band's sound is considerably lighter than the rest of the bands. However, between the band's banter and excellent songs, the band should do fine. Also, the band will likely win brownie points with the Edgefest crowd with their cover of Blink 182's "Dammit", which as far as I'm concerned is light years superior to the original.

Now that you know a little about these bands, that leaves you one thing to do: VOTE! You can vote once per day until the deadline this Sunday at Midnight. I realize that I selected four bands, and at most three could make it thru. Still, let's at least get one of these acts on the Edgefest lineup.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Album Review: The Red 100's, Live off the Floor

I'm keeping this album review short and sweet for two reasons. One is that the album itself is quite short. Clocking in at less than twenty minutes with only four six tracks, this EP is but a small taste of what The Red 100's have to offer. My second reason is that to overanalyze such an album defeats the purpose of the band's music. Their songs do not exist for the purpose of intellectual analysis and detailed discussion of melodic content. The songs on the album are raw and visceral, meant to be experienced from a gut level. "Bellhop Swing" and "Set Me Free" are high octane songs that energize the soul as only rock and roll can. So when listening to Live off the Floor, do not sit in your chair and think about the music. Crank up your stereo, and play air guitar and pretend that you can be a guitar wizard like the band's own Robbie D. Love. And trust me, you'll be pretending, because I feel safe in saying that your guitar skills are NOWHERE near his.

The band's CD release show is tomorrow at Curtain Club. The Virgin Wolves, DuCADO Vega, The Effinays, and The 1969's round out the bill. I will be broadcasting live that evening with deepellumradio from the Curtain Club patio.

Also, don't forget to go to The Red 100's bandcamp page to get the EP.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

THe BAcksliders from Dallas, Texas

The title of this post is more than the obvious declaration of the band's hometown. It is also the name of the band's latest album. The release date of the album is April 19th, but you're in for a treat. The members of the band have given me permission to stream the new album, THe BAcksliders from Dallas, Texas, on the website until the album is released.

This album marks the debut of the band as a five piece. Kim Bonner remains as the main vocalist, and Chris continues to shred on lead guitar, as well as singing lead from time to time. Jason Bonner returns to the band on bass, and Earl Darling and Nathan Adamson round out the lineup with drums and keyboards respectively. And while not a member, Ryan Thomas Becker lends his skills on guitar on the track "I Don't Feel It Anymore".

With the new lineup comes a little of a change of sound. The band's sound is a little less heavy this time, and there's a more apparent power-pop influence than ever before. "Talk to My Heart", released last year, is a perfect example of that poppier sound found on this CD. THe BAcksliders from Dallas, Texas also features many slower tunes, such as "You Got Something", and the lead single from the album, "Turn on Your Radio". That track, while it may seem like an unlikely choice for a single, is one of the most beautifully captivating songs that the band has ever put out. A large piece of the credit must go to Kim Bonner, whose vocals are equal parts haunting and soulful.

And for those who might be fearing that the band could have lost its edge, one listen to "Regular Nights" or "Getaway Driver" shows that the band's devotion to the legacy of rock and roll has not wavered one bit.

But enough of me talking about the album. Listen for yourself below. Okay, free preview time is over. Time to go buy the album on iTunes. Or better yet, come out to Double-Wide on April 29th for their CD release show. You get a free copy of the CD with your paid admission to the venue.