Thursday, April 7, 2011

Album Review: The Red 100's, Live off the Floor

I'm keeping this album review short and sweet for two reasons. One is that the album itself is quite short. Clocking in at less than twenty minutes with only four six tracks, this EP is but a small taste of what The Red 100's have to offer. My second reason is that to overanalyze such an album defeats the purpose of the band's music. Their songs do not exist for the purpose of intellectual analysis and detailed discussion of melodic content. The songs on the album are raw and visceral, meant to be experienced from a gut level. "Bellhop Swing" and "Set Me Free" are high octane songs that energize the soul as only rock and roll can. So when listening to Live off the Floor, do not sit in your chair and think about the music. Crank up your stereo, and play air guitar and pretend that you can be a guitar wizard like the band's own Robbie D. Love. And trust me, you'll be pretending, because I feel safe in saying that your guitar skills are NOWHERE near his.

The band's CD release show is tomorrow at Curtain Club. The Virgin Wolves, DuCADO Vega, The Effinays, and The 1969's round out the bill. I will be broadcasting live that evening with deepellumradio from the Curtain Club patio.

Also, don't forget to go to The Red 100's bandcamp page to get the EP.

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