Tuesday, April 5, 2011

THe BAcksliders from Dallas, Texas

The title of this post is more than the obvious declaration of the band's hometown. It is also the name of the band's latest album. The release date of the album is April 19th, but you're in for a treat. The members of the band have given me permission to stream the new album, THe BAcksliders from Dallas, Texas, on the website until the album is released.

This album marks the debut of the band as a five piece. Kim Bonner remains as the main vocalist, and Chris continues to shred on lead guitar, as well as singing lead from time to time. Jason Bonner returns to the band on bass, and Earl Darling and Nathan Adamson round out the lineup with drums and keyboards respectively. And while not a member, Ryan Thomas Becker lends his skills on guitar on the track "I Don't Feel It Anymore".

With the new lineup comes a little of a change of sound. The band's sound is a little less heavy this time, and there's a more apparent power-pop influence than ever before. "Talk to My Heart", released last year, is a perfect example of that poppier sound found on this CD. THe BAcksliders from Dallas, Texas also features many slower tunes, such as "You Got Something", and the lead single from the album, "Turn on Your Radio". That track, while it may seem like an unlikely choice for a single, is one of the most beautifully captivating songs that the band has ever put out. A large piece of the credit must go to Kim Bonner, whose vocals are equal parts haunting and soulful.

And for those who might be fearing that the band could have lost its edge, one listen to "Regular Nights" or "Getaway Driver" shows that the band's devotion to the legacy of rock and roll has not wavered one bit.

But enough of me talking about the album. Listen for yourself below. Okay, free preview time is over. Time to go buy the album on iTunes. Or better yet, come out to Double-Wide on April 29th for their CD release show. You get a free copy of the CD with your paid admission to the venue.


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