Wednesday, March 16, 2011

How to Spend Your Wednesday Night

I know Wednesdays are generally not regarded as being much of a night for doing something fun. Well, I have some suggestions on how to make this Wednesday evening a lot more fun.

First of all, start the evening off at 6 pm CST with the Ghost of Blind Lemon radio show on Deep Ellum Radio. For two full hours, the folks at Deep Ellum Radio are letting me (yet again) take the musical reins. I've got plenty of new music for you to listen to, including new tunes from The Virgin Wolves, Greg Schroeder, Tweed EQ, just to name a few. I'm also featuring Ryan Thomas Becker in this week's edition of Musician Spotlight. And if you're wanting more good internet radio, Chelsea Callahan's This Is Texas Radio Show comes on directly after me. Her guest for the evening will be Mark Pirro (Tripping Daisy, The Polyphonic Spree).

If you're wanting to get out, I've got a killer show for you to check out. Rahim Quazi and Luna Matto will both perform at Barley House, with LA band Goldenboy sandwiched in between the two. I normally don't like to talk too much about non-local bands in this blog, but Goldenboy is so incredible they're worth making the exception. Fans of dreamy pop a la Crowded House will certainly find this band worth checking out. In fact, Neil Finn of Crowded House performed on the band's 2006 album, Underneath the Radio. Speaking of impressive cameos and Goldenboy, Elliott Smith sang on their 2003 track "Summertime". The band's new album, Sleepwalker, features plenty of slow, gorgeous tunes, most notably the almost perfect title track. And with this being a Barley House show, you get all three acts absolutely free of charge.

Hey, it beats staying home and watching TV.

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