Monday, March 7, 2011

Local Edge Playlist: 3/6/11

Tonight's episode featured (almost) exclusively artists playing the 35 Conferette. The one exception was the in studio performance and interview from People on Vacation. I could've sworn that they were on the lineup. Either the lineup has changed or I was mistaken. Speaking of which, if you want to see these bands at the festival, check the website for info on times/clubs/etc.

"Throw Me Overboard", The Hope Trust
"All Because You're Mine", Air Review
"Dog's Light", Bravo, Max!
"Rainy Day"
"Because of the Sun"
"Back to Being Friends"
"Alyson Revere", Fishboy
"Battle Rock 24/7", Man Factory
"Goon", RTB2
"Forever Today", Soviet
"Prepared", Jessie Frye
"2012", Cocky Americans
"Icing", Roy Robertson

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