Friday, April 29, 2011

My Apologies to Emmeline... and Trevor

On my deepellumradio shows, I tend to focus almost exclusively on trying to promote shows specifically within the Deep Ellum neighborhood. After all, that is one of the primary focuses of the station: to support music and venues in that neighborhood. Unfortunately, that may mean many worthy concerts do not get mentioned on my show.

Right before my most recent show aired, musician (and friend) Emmeline asked if I'd made a mention of her show Friday. I felt like a real idiot, because I had not. Granted, the show takes place at Lakewood Bar & Grill, clearly outside of the Deep Ellum proper area. But still, I was quite upset about my omission.

Why is that? Sure, Emmeline is one of the best singer-songwriters within the area, but the issue goes deeper than that. The bill also features Suzanne Kimbrell and Karyna Cruz, two singer-songwriters that have piqued my curiousity as of late (I still have not seen either play live yet). No, this goes beyond any mere performer (or group of performers for that matter).

All the proceeds of this show go to The Trevor Project, and if you are not familiar with the group, I urge you to check that website out immediately. And while I usually refrain from any commentary about social issues on the site, I feel compelled to comment here. This is a cause that in my opinion goes beyond one's sexual preference. This is an issue of a person's right to not be bullied. And yes, I consider that a right. It is an individual's right to not be harassed whether because of their race, religion, sexual preference, or any other fathomable issue.

Yes, there are MANY fabulous shows tonight, and I will address them later this afternoon. But I felt this one deserved a little extra attention, as it is for a good cause. In fact, make that a critically important cause.

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Deep Ellum said...

I think its great what you guys are doing with Deep Ellum Radio. I catch it as much as I can.