Monday, May 9, 2011

Homegrown Fest '11 Tickets

One of the biggest local shows of last year had to be Homegrown Fest, and this year's lineup is only going to be bigger. For details on the lineup, check out the Homegrown Fest website. You can also purchase tickets at the site for the big show Saturday. Of course, if you'd rather not pay, that can be arranged too.

Josh Florence, one of the founders of the event, was kind enough to give me two pairs of tickets to the show on Saturday that features Neon Indian as the headliner. Before Alan Palamino started Neon Indian, or even Vega, he had a project in 2008 that released a single called "Parking Lot Nights". I'm even letting you listen to the track below. But here's my question: what was the name of that group that performed "Parking Lot Nights"? The first person to send an email to with the name of that band in the subject line of the email wins the tickets. It's that simple.

If you don't win the tickets today, fear not: I will be giving away the second pair of tickets on the Ghost of Blind Lemon Radio Show on Deep Ellum Radio this Wednesday night 6-8 pm. But of course you were already planning on listening, weren't you?


Jeff said...

Did you find a winner? I know I had the right answer yesterday within a short time of your post, but I guess someone beat me.

"The Ghost" said...

Sorry Jeff, but someone beat you to the punch on the answer. I'd encourage you to listen to my show Wednesday 6-8 pm on for another chance to win Homegrown Fest tickets.