Saturday, January 1, 2011

Frankie 45

(Photograph courtesy of Daniel Driensky)

Last night, I rang in the New Year to the sounds of Spector 45. As usual, the band gave 110% of itself in the performance. At one point, lead singer Frankie Campagna aka Frankie 45, did one of his standard leaps into the audience, getting on the floor and playing his guitar while practically in the face of another woman. It was classic rock and roll, and more to the point, it was classic Frankie. The performance was vital and filled with life. So it came as a total shock when I received the phone call this morning and found out the news: Frankie 45 died early this morning. It seems so surreal, considering that I was chatting with him only hours before his death.

My heart breaks for the whole Campagna family, as well as those who knew Frankie. I wish I could say I know him better than I did, but I will say that Frankie simply personified coolness, and was simply a nice guy. He was a good friend to those who knew him well, and to say that he'll be missed just doesn't go far enough.

There will be a memorial service tonight at Kettle Art, located at 2714 Elm Street in Deep Ellum. Anyone who wants to come and pay their respects to his family and friends is encouraged to do so. There is no word as of yet on a funeral, or whether it will be open to the public or only the closest family and friends.

Goodbye, Frankie. Deep Ellum just won't rock as hard without you.

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