Monday, January 17, 2011

The Lucky Thirteen: 1/17/10

Standard playlist disclaimer: any artists, record labels, etc. who do not wish to be on the playlist for any reason whatsoever, email me at and I will gladly remove the track. And if you'd actually like to be on the playlist, you can use the same email address to email me your mp3's. If I like the song, then odds are it'll wind up on a playlist.

  1. "Red in the Morning", Menkena
    Menkena fans, this is your lucky week. Their new album, With You I'll Travel, hits iTunes this Tuesday. If you'd prefer a physical copy of the CD, go to Good Records on Thursday where the band will perform and sign copies of the CD. Then on Saturday, it's the big CD release show at LaGrange with Novaak and Mike Graff (ex-Course of Empire). I'm starting to drool just thinking about all this Menkena.

  2. "New Hope PA", The Chemistry Set
    I got into a lengthy discussion with Scott Tucker from The Orange this past Friday night, and we discussed many bands that are no more, including Hi-Fi Drowning (one of his favorites EVER) and Chemistry Set (one of my favorites EVER). He was talking about what he thought was their last CD (their self-titled full length), but in fact he didn't know about their second full length, Blue Monsters. I told him about this CD, and how the opening track "New Hope PA" is one of my favorite album openers of any album. I figured I'd include it on the playlist for Scott and the rest of you to hear.

  3. "Buy You", Spookeasy
    It's been a long time where I've been lured into a show while walking down the street, but that's exactly what happened to me Friday night. I passed Club Dada, liked what I heard, and paid cover for Spookeasy. Their live set is a little more rocking than the CD, which has a slight new wavish feel to it. The intro to this track almost reminds me of Cocteau Twins for some reason. But whether live or on CD, this band gets two enthusiastic thumbs up from me.

  4. "Tryin' to Have a Good Time", The O's
    I'm having a hard time buying this song. The O's trying to have a good time? The O's don't try to have a good time. To use the word "try" implies a possibility of not succeeding, and The O's NEVER fail at having a good time. Like I said, The O's don't try to have a good time. If anything, good times try to have The O's.

  5. "Knife Fight", Calhoun
    Bet you enjoyed that O's song, didn't you? And I'll bet you're digging this Calhoun song too, aren't you? You're probably wishing you could see both bands live right about now, correct? Well good news my friends, because both acts will play this Friday at The Moon in Fort Worth, along with Taylor Craig Mills.

  6. "Save Your Breath", Camille Cortinas
    I've been noticing a marked increase in shows by Mrs. Cortinas, and that's good to see. I'm hoping this means she's getting ready for a CD release show in the very near future. No word on that yet, but I can tell you that your next opportunity to see her comes this Saturday at Opening Bell Coffee. The OBC website says it's "Camille Cortinas & Friends". Not sure who the "friends" will be, but I feel safe in saying it'll be a good show.

  7. "New Disco", Stella Rose
    If you listened to my podcast of my top 40 songs of last year, many of the selections were no surprise. This track, however, got very little attention on the blog, even though it charted at a quite impressive #21. I felt now might be a good time for my readers to become better acquainted with the track.

  8. "Set Me Free", The Red 100's
    Last Friday found me wandering around Deep Ellum, going from show to show. Many sets that I wanted to see I either missed or didn't see near enough of the set. The latter situation is what happened for me with The Red 100's. But what little I saw of their set had me simply in awe of the band. Remember the name Red 100's, because you'll be talking about them this year. A lot. A whole lot.

  9. "Beautiful Girl", Mr. Sleaze
    After hearing this song the past few weeks on The Local Edge, I've gotta admit that this song is really growing on me. And no, I don't know who Mr. Sleaze is. His identity, for now, remains a mystery.

  10. "Flower on the Wall", Kerri Arista
    I must admit to an error on my most recent blog spot. Kerri Arista's show at Uncle Calvin's Coffeehouse was NOT this past Friday, but will instead be this Friday. My apologies if I sent anyone out to Uncle Calvin's only to be disappointed by there being no Kerri Arista there.

  11. "to the 9's", hormones
    No interesting comments on my behalf or breaking news on the bad. I just like this song.

  12. "Barn Burner", The Roomsounds
    Have I mentioned that there'll be a GOBL showcase coming soon? I'll give you more details very soon, but in the meantime, I'll say that The Roomsounds will be part of the fun.

  13. "Japanese Space Opera", Mazinga Phaser
    I've been trying to dig a little deeper into the history of Dallas music and research artists I was not as familiar with. I'd heard about Mazinga Phaser and started checking out tracks from their CD Abandinallhope. I'm not sure how I missed out on the band the first time around, but I'm seriously loving their shoegaze melodies and dreamy vocals now.

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Chrizty Haynez said...

"Tryin' to Have a Good Time", The O's...........I'M GOING CRAZY LISTENING TO THIS SONG!!! WE ALL LOVE THE O'S!!! YAY~!!! I will comment on the others after i hit the play button again!! :) YAYHAHAAHAHA woooo