Monday, January 10, 2011

Local Edge Playlist: 1/9/11

"Bible Belt", Spooky Folk
"Beautiful Girl", Mr. Sleaze
"Stories", Heard
"Delilah", Soviet
"Prophet", Datahowler
"We'll Go Walkin'", The O's
"Tunnelvisionary", The Flowers of God featuring Sarah Jaffe
"sEVEN", Ducado VeGA
"Getcho Bodeee", Sir Silky
"to the 9's", hormones
"What Was Missing", Descender
"I Know a Thing Or Two About You", Tweed EQ
"Darker Than the Night", Dead Twins
"Wonderland", Glen Reynolds

Note to hormones and Ducado VeGA: you guys might want to brush up on your capitalization rules. It's just an idea.

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