Friday, January 21, 2011

Weekend Plans: 1/21/11

So many shows to discuss, so little time...

Virgin Wolves/The Demigs/The Red 100's (Hailey’s)
I rarely make it to Denton shows due to questions on my car surviving the trip. Normally, missing out on Denton doesn't bother me that much. But I'm not going to lie, missing this show is really going to hurt. Any one of these artists alone is worth the cover charge. Having all three together on one bill? Simply amazing. Virgin Wolves put on a high energy gritty rock show with a hint of blues. The Red 100's are a skilled bunch of musicians that know how to tear it up live. The Demigs haven't played as much as they used to, but their blend of indie-pop with plenty of distortion always managed to put a smile on my page. If you're going to be in Denton, there's no excuse for missing this. None.
Calhoun/The O’s/Taylor Craig Mills (The Moon)
The O's album, Between the Two and Calhoun's Heavy Sugar are sure to be among the finest releases of 2011, and now you can experience both together in Fort Worth.
Anna Thomas (Coffee N Cream - Frisco)
How to have fun in Frisco tonight: Step 1 is to head to see the young (and very talented) Ms. Thomas and Coffee N Cream's Frisco location. Fans of piano based singer songwriter material will sure to become an instant fan. Step 2 of how to have fun in Frisco tonight...
The Roomsounds/Grant Jones & The Pistol Grip Lassos (Lochrann's)
Get a little taste of The Roomsounds at Lochrann's. Hopefully that will leave you wanting more Roomsounds. I can help you with that next Wednesday at Dada, you know.
Kristy Kruger/Raymond Weyandt/Nicholas Altobelli (Allgood Cafe)
Don't worry Dallas people, I haven't forgotten about you. While I can't speak for Mr. Weyandt, I have plenty of wonderful things to say about the others. Ms. Kruger is one of the few female singer-songwriters (along with the obvious Ms. Jaffe) who can command the respect (and even silence) of the audience. My only frustration with her is that I'm getting impatient waiting for the followup to her last CD, Songs From a Dead Man's Couch. Mr. Altobelli has no problem releasing material. In the time since Dead Man's Couch, Nicholas has released four EP's/CD's. And there's going to be a new one this year; word is this will be his long awaited electric CD. I'll believe it when I see it. Or hear it.
Kerri Arista (Uncle Calvin's Coffeehouse)
The Uncle Calvin's show really is THIS Friday, and was not last Friday. Find last Friday's Weekend Plans for my thoughts, because I don't feel like retyping all that right now.

Menkena/Novaak/Mike Graff (LaGrange)
I think I pretty well summed up my thoughts on Menkena when discussing the release of With You I'll Travel on Tuesday. And yes, this is their CD release show. Also, Mike Graff (ex-Course of Empire) will be on the bill. The act I really want to discuss here, however, is Novaak. Their CD, I Am, You Are, has really put them on my radar. The opening track, "You Pushed the Crash Button", seems to have taken up permanent residence in my head. With such a dreamy melody and vocalist Jessi Jame's simple yet beautiful vocals, it only makes sense. Novaak's music will be the perfect compliment to Menkena's sound.
Sarah Jaffe/Bosque Brown/We’re Not Dudes (Lola’s)
Everyone knows how brilliant Ms. Jaffe is, and it's pretty universally accepted that Mara Lee Miller and Bosque Brown are amazing as well. The interesting part of this bill will be to see how We're Not Dudes does. They're a young band, and by young, I mean I'm not sure there's anyone that's even in their teens in the band. Word is their show is very energetic and very impressive, especially considering how young they are. It's worth noting that one of the members is the daughter of Luna Matto. If she gets even half of her mom's musical genes, then that alone would make the band worth watching.
Billygoat Brink, Camille Cortinas, and Dogdander (Opening Bell Coffee)
The O’s/Sleeping in the Aviary/The Blurries (Double-Wide)
American Werewolf Academy/Nervous Curtains/The Distant Seconds (City Tavern)

Not enough time to discuss these shows in the detail each deserves, but all fine choices.

Oh, and if I left out an important show, feel free to mention it in the comments and then chastise me for the omission. Thanks.


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Andrew Delaney & The Horse You Rode In On is releasing their new CD "Would I Lie To You" tonight at City Tavern! (Friday)

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Saturday Jan 22
New Science Projects (CD Release)
Delmore Pilcrow
Two Knights
Dust Congress
Real Live Tigers
Rubber Gloves

Sunday Jan 23
New Science Projects (CD Release)
The Angelus
Zanzibar Snails (CD Release)
Good Records

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