Thursday, January 6, 2011

Frankie 45 Memorial Concert Tonight

Here's a quick rundown on everything you need to know for tonight:

  1. The show at Club Dada will start at 7 pm with a DJ set from Bad Holly. She will continue to spin tracks between band sets.

  2. Motorcycle riders are encouraged to come on their bikes. There will be special racks for the bikes in front of The Bone, Dada, and Kettle Art. To kick off the show at 7, bikers are encouraged to make as much noise on their bikes as possible.

  3. The musical acts start at 8, with a new band starting every half hour. In order from first to last, performers will include Legsweeper, The Double Downs, Missile, Here Holy Spain, The Phuss, The Marfalites, Barry Kooda Combo, THe BAcksliders, and The American Fuse.

  4. I wouldn't be surprised if a few extra guests decided to show up and perform.

  5. There is a recommended $10 cover at the door, and all proceeds go to the Deep Ellum Community Association (DECA).

  6. If you've seen the number of people RSVPing on the Facebook event, you're probably wondering how Dada will hold so many. Obviously, I recommend arriving early, but I know other clubs will be accepting the spillover, and will be contributing a portion of their profits to DECA.

  7. If I've missed any critical details, PLEASE share them in the comments section.

Other than that, expect a lot of rock, and a lot of emotion tonight. And while there will be plenty of tears undoubtedly, let's also make this a celebration of a beautiful life that ended way too soon.

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Thank you, for more reasons than space allows.