Friday, January 14, 2011

Weekend Plans: 1/14/10

I've probably forgotten some important shows, so feel free to point out my omissions in the comments. I encourage you to do so. Seriously, I do.

The Red 100's (Black Swan Saloon)
Black Swan Saloon doesn't have bands perform there very often, and I'd love to see that trend change. In the meantime, The Red 100's will be playing tonight, and word on the street is that one of their members will be celebrating a slightly belated birthday tonight. I see a lot of shots in his near future.
The Monco Poncho/R. Jason Bonner/Rev. Leon & The Repenters (LaGrange)
The Monco Poncho always put on a great live show, but the real news about this show is that I believe this is Mr. Bonner's first show with a full backing band. You probably know him best as the former bass player in THe BAcksliders, but you may not be aware that he wrote many of their songs ("Pour Another Glass", "Damaged Goods", and "Soul" to name a few). You can count on seeing me bounce around between this lineup and Black Swan Saloon, in case anyone wants to find me and say hi.
Eleven Hundred Springs/The Derailers/Doug Moreland (Granada Theater)
Arguably Dallas' biggest country act, this show is sure to be packed tonight.
Kerri Arista (Uncle Calvin's Coffeehouse)
I've yet to see Kerri perform live, and that unfortunately will not be changing tonight. If, however, you're seeking some thoughtful and beautiful singer-songwriter type tunes, this is where you need to be tonight. I don't know if she'll be performing solo or with a backing band, but I can tell you that she's backed by Aaron Thomas and Sam Romero (ex-Fishing For Comets) on her CD, 50 Different Ways. Obviously, fans of Camille Cortinas would be encouraged to give her a listen.
Camille Cortinas/Chris Holt/Eric Neal (Allgood Cafe)
Speaking of Mrs. Cortinas, she and her musical comrades will be performing Beatles songs at Allgood tonight.
Fair to Midland/The House Harkonnen/The Phuss/Faded Grace (Curtain Club)
This is the club's 13th Anniversary show, and my props to the venue for holding the current record for keeping its doors CONTINUALLY open longer than any other current venue in Deep Ellum. And while Fair To Midland is typically heavier than most of my musical tastes, there's no denying these guys are at the top of their game. As for The Phuss, that's a band that knows how to rock.

Hoyotoho/Damaged Good$/Gallery Cat/Datahowler (Club Dada)
Club Dada is claiming this show as their New Year's Eve "do-over", complete with a champagne toast at midnight. The lineup, ranging from electronica to hip-hop, is sure to keep the crowd moving and shaking.
True Widow/Maleveller/Garuda (Double-Wide)
TW will be releasing a new CD this year. In the meantime, this show will have to help tide you over until the release date.
Andrew Tinker (Dan’s Silverleaf)
I saw Mr. Tinker perform live last year, and I was impressed both by his energy and his skills on the piano. Easily the best show happening in Denton this weekend.

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