Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Video Preview of Tomorrow's Show

As you've probably heard me mention more than a few times, I'm hosting the first Blogosphere showcase this Wednesday at Club Dada. There has been a slight change in the lineup; The Roomsounds will not be playing the show. Here is the lineup as it currently stands:

9:00 Rahim Quazi
9:40 Phoenix Hart
10:20 Madison King
11:00 Goodnight Ned

All acts are acoustic except Goodnight Ned. Cover is a mere $5, and the show is for 21+. I think this is going to be a great night of music, but don't just take my word for it. I want to give everyone a little taste of what tomorrow will sound like. As a result, I have include some video clips in order to prepare you for the greatness that will be tomorrow night. Let's start with the first musician on the lineup, Rahim Quazi. He'll be focusing primarily on songs from his upcoming CD, Born on a Tuesday during tomorrow's set. One of those songs is "Ghost Hunting", a song that he also performed at his show last March at Kessler Theater (one of my favorite shows of last year). Here's a video of that performance:

Next on the lineup is Phoenix Hart, an artist that has been getting more and more attention as of late, and deservedly so. Between her gorgeous voice and well written songs, all the attention is well deserved. Here's a brand new tunes of hers, "Angels (Where Are You Now)", that is every bit as good as the tunes on her latest CD, Save Love.

Madison King, the third on the lineup, has yet to release an album, and I could only find one YouTube video of her. It's video of a songswap she did in December with Ryan Thomas Becker and Danny Balis. It starts with her and Ryan doing a cover of "Rainbow Connection" before her going into her own music.

Finally, I'd post some video of Goodnight Ned... if it existed. It doesn't, so you'll just have to come tomorrow night to see what they're like live. You've got to have some surprises, right?

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