Monday, January 17, 2011

Local Edge Playlist: 1/16/11

While at a show Friday night, a friend asked me about The Local Edge playlists and what the story was. I started out doing this at a point when Mark got a little behind on posting playlists from his episodes on the KDGE website. And by a little behind, I mean several months. While Mark has caught up, I do this as a show of support to the show because of all the really cool stuff he plays. So that's the story. Now, on to the show's playlist.

"Mind in Trouble", Oil Boom
"We'll Go Walkin'", The O's
"Forever Today", Soviet
"Throw Me Overboard", The Hope Trust
"sEVEN", Ducado VeGA
"Beautiful Girl", Mr. Sleaze
"Prophet", Datahowler
"I Know a Thing or Two About You", Tweed EQ
"District County Court", Daniel Folmer
"Awake", Air Review
"Dammit", Smile Smile
"Set Me Free", The Red 100's
"You're No Good", Pale Horse
"Red and White", New Science Projects
"Wooden Floors", Nicholas Altobelli

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