Friday, November 19, 2010

Weekend Plans: 11/19/10

The Virgin Wolves/The Phuss/The Nicholsons (The Cavern)
For those who like their live rock shows loud in a small, crowded, dark venue, this is the perfect show for you. The Virgin Wolves blend blues and heavy rock skillfully on their debut EP. While the CD sounds great, it pales in comparison to the energy radiated by the band's live performance. The Phuss puts on a more straight ahead rock show, and are MUCH louder than The Virgin Wolves. But if you're going to lose your hearing at a show, there are few Dallas bands that will make you so happy to have that ringing sensation in your ears as The Phuss.
THe BAcksliders/Dead Twins/Dropsonic/These Mad Dogs of Glory (LaGrange)
Take the first sentence of the previous show recommendation, substitute "spacious" for "small" and "well lit" for dark, keep the "loud" and "crowded" parts, and you have this show. And just so you know, These Mad Dogs of Glory will be recording the performance and releasing it on CD.
Anna Thomas (Great Outdoors Sub Shop - McKinney)
What is the likelihood of a sandwich shop in McKinney having a first rate performer playing there? I'd say the odds are about as good as finding a 14 year old girl who can write songs more mature and captivating than most women twice her age. So perhaps it's only fitting that a performer as unique as the young Ms. Thomas should play such an unlikely venue.
Salim Nourallah/Chris Holt (Dan's Silverleaf)
Mr. Nourallah rarely performs outside of Dallas city limits, so Denton folk, enjoy this rare treat. And look, you get the added bonus of Mr. Holt, who is responsible for what may be my favorite CD of the year (A Cosmic Joke).

Dertybird/King of the Rabbit Trail/Pale Horse (City Tavern)
I'm guessing Dertybird is the headliner. If that's the case, I'm going out on a limb and making another prediction: Pale Horse will steal the show. No offense to Dertybird of KOTRT.
Danny Rush/Caleb Ian Campbell/Burntsienna Trio/Spooky Folk (Rubber Gloves)
"Danny Rush" is really a pseudonym for Daniel Folmer. His new CD seems to rock more than his previous material, and I think this new persona suits him even better.
The King Bucks (Adair's)
I've heard the band members have their mail sent here. Not really, but they should, considering how often they seem to play this venue.

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