Monday, November 8, 2010

I’m Getting Lazy with Next Week’s Playlist

You know, sometimes it’s nice to let other people do the work for you. That’s what I’m doing for next week’s Lucky Thirteen. I’m not going to sweat the details as to which artists deserve to make the cut. That’s going to be your job.

Next week’s playlist will be an all request Lucky Thirteen. Just email me the name and artist of the song you want to hear, and let me know if you want your name published with the request or not. Also, if you want to make some comments about the song or artists, I might publish your thoughts as well . The email address is for those who aren’t in the know. But before this begins, I’d better set up some ground rules so everything runs smoothly.

  1. All artists must be local, meaning from the Dallas/Fort Worth/Denton area. If I don’t specify this, someone’s going to start requesting Lil’ Wayne or Ke$ha or something like that.

  2. Musicians, you CANNOT request your own songs. Doing so will disqualify you.

  3. For those same musicians who think they’ll skirt around the rule by having their spouse/significant other/family member do the requesting. Again, that will disqualify you.

  4. In some cases, I may not have the song for the playlist. If you have the song you want added to the playlist, feel free to email me at the above address with the mp3. If not, sorry, you’re out of luck.

  5. In the event that I get more than thirteen requests (which I hope will happen), I will select my thirteen favorites to appear in the Lucky Thirteen.

  6. In the event that there are less than thirteen requests, I select the remaining slots, and I don’t promise that it’ll be pretty this time.

  7. Also, I encourage you to pass this on to all your friends and to get as many people involved as possible. Retweet, repost, relink, rewhatever. This isn’t a rule per se, but I do recommend doing so.

With all that in mind, let the requests begin!


Brett Michael Starwn said...

When Hammer Hits Stone - RTB2

Scott said...

Moanin' Rag - Whiskey Folk Ramblers

Amy V. said...

"I Love You" by Spector 45

Anonymous said...

srsly????? i can't go for eddie money??? thats fiz-ucked-iz-up!!!

"The Ghost" said...

For the record, I'm keeping all future requests left as comment unpublished until the Lucky Thirteen is posted. Gotta leave some surprises. By the way, still feel free to email me more suggestions at ghostofblindlemon@gmail or, if you prefer, leave your comments here.