Friday, November 12, 2010

Weekend Plans: 11/12/10

There's plenty of good options for this weekend. I think these are all the biggies, but feel free to mention anything I've forgotten about in the comment section.

Calhoun/The O’s/The Orbans (Kessler Theater)
Did you read my previous entry about Jeff Liles and his survey? If not, read it now and send me your thoughts. In that article, I mention how the Kessler is such a great venue that books quality bands. If you doubt my statement, just check out tonight's lineup. Any one of these acts alone would be an impressive headliner. The fact that you get all three for one ticket price? That's pretty amazing if you ask me.
Trey Johnson/Chris Holt/Camille Cortinas (Sons of Hermann Hall)
Mr. Johnson and Mr. Holt have both put out good CD's on Idol Records this year. Mr. Holt's was especially impressive, undoubtedly one of my biggest favorites this year. Camille Cortinas is not an Idol Records artist at the moment, but I'd encourage Erv to give her a listen and change that.
Les Americains/Saboteur/Young Girls (Double-Wide)
Tonight's the big CD release show. Excuse me, tonight's the big vinyl release show. From what I've heard of the band's new material, much of it leans in a more melodic indie vein than their previous, louder material. It should be interesting to see if the live show still rocks as heavy.
THe BAcksliders (Lee Harvey’s)
It's getting harder and harder to find new ways to describe THe BAcksliders. I'm taking the easy road and copying all the synonyms for amazing from awesome, fascinating, incredible, marvelous, prodigious, shocking, stunning, surprising, unbelievable, wonderful. I tried to find synonyms for "face-melting", but they didn't have any.
Seryn/Darcy/North of Autumn (LaGrange)
Seryn is one of the most talked about bands that I have yet to see live, and I need to change that. On the other end of the spectrum, North of Autumn has not gotten much attention yet, but if the music I've heard is any indication, that needs to change. The band's sound is certainly more accessible to a mainstream audience, but that doesn't mean it's generic pop fare. But whether you prefer the indie charm of Seryn or are curious about North of Autumn, it's worth a trip to LaGrange.

Bravo, Max!/Spookeasy/Black Swan/Pinebox Serenade (City Tavern)
Mountain’s Majesty/The Roomsounds (Opening Bell Coffee)

I missed out on Chelsea Callahan's birthday bash, which is too bad considering how many good acts were on the lineup. Here are two opportunities to see some of the acts you missed: Bravo, Max! brings their hard to describe style to City Tavern, while The Roomsound's easier to define rootsy rock can be heard at OBC.
Grassfight/The Virgin Wolves/The Red 100’s/Dirty Blonde (Andy’s Bar)
This is quite an interesting lineup. While I'm not familiar with Dirty Blonde, you start out with the instrumental bluesy rock of The Red 100's. Afterwards, you get the bluesy, yet much heavier full on RAWK of Virgin Wolves. Then the evening wraps up with the Jesus & Mary Chain meets Joy Division stylings of Grassfight. It's an interesting lineup for sure, but a stellar one. Denton people, this is where you need to be.
Salim Nourallah/John Lefler (Allgood Café)
Neither of these performers have released any new material in awhile, but still, if you're fans of intelligent pop music, this is a show worth checking out. And is it just me, or does the mere mention of Allgood bring visions of chicken fried chicken smothered in gravy? Is anyone else hungry right now?
Taylor Davis/Jayson Bales/Rahim Quazi (It’s a Grind)
The show marks the two year anniversary of the It's a Grind location near Deep Ellum (click here for a map), and it benefits the Demeter Project. Mr. Quazi will be performing songs from his upcoming CD, and he's promised to let me share a track from this upcoming CD. Soon, my readers, soon. Have patience until then.

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