Sunday, November 7, 2010

Apples In Stereo/Crash That Took Me Tickets!

First of all, let me say that if you missed the Cystic Fibrosis benefit show at Granada last night, you missed out on a seriously amazing concert. The O's and Ben Kweller were great, and Rhett Miller, as usual, was amazing. My highlight of the evening had to be when Mr. Miller performed "Big Brown Eyes", and before he had a chance to start, the audience took over and sang the song. For most of the song, Rhett allowed the crowd to take the driver's seat and sing the tune. It just might make my top 10 concert moments of all time list.

While I was at the Granada, I also had the pleasure of meeting Gavin Mulloy, their promotions manager. I managed to talk him into letting me give away a pair of tickets to tomorrow's show with Apples in Stereo, Fol Chen, and The Crash That Took Me. I typically do not give away tickets to national touring acts, but there are two catches here. First, The Crash That Took Me is definitely a local band, albeit a band that does not play NEARLY as often as I'd like. The second reason, well, the Apples in Stereo do have a local connection with their drummer.

That leads me to how you can win the tickets. The first person to send an email to and include the drummer's name in the subject line wins tickets. Since his last name is a little unusual, if it remotely resembles his last name, I will accept the answer. Do not delay in responding because if I don't get a winner by 8:00 CST tomorrow, then the tickets go unclaimed. Good luck!

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