Monday, November 29, 2010

December 10th: The Official Announcement

A while back, I informed you that you needed to save the date of December 10th. Well, now I'm thrilled to announce the lineup for this Ghost of Blind Lemon showcase being held at The Green Elephant. This is an incredibly special showcase for me, as these three acts are currently my favorite live bands in the metroplex. I'm not just saying this because they're the bands in this showcase. Instead, I intentionally decided to gather these three favorites of mine in one lineup. If you're familiar with these bands, you will understand my high level of enthusiasm. And yet if you're not familiar with one (or even all) of the bands, this would be a fabulous opportunity to check out some killer tunes.

The Black & Blues start the night off in style. Most of my readers are probably not familiar with this band, and it is my mission to change that. The band manages to incorporate elements of soul, funk, rock, and yes, blues, and assemble these parts into something new and fresh. The band's co-vocalists, Keite Young and Goldie Furnow, bring a soulful vocal intensity to all the tracks. Is this music easy to classify? Not in the least. But if you're looking for a band that is not looking to follow the latest trend but instead start it, then The Black and Blues are a must see.

Up next on the lineup is Pale Horse, a band that, in my book, has defined 2010 possibly more than any other act. I have never seen lead singer J.R. Denson deliver less than 110% on any vocal performance. As for lyrics, the band challenges the audience with unconventional lyrical topics regarding religion, politics, war, and family matters. While emotionally intense, with songs as catchy as "You're No Good" and "Will You Be There", Pale Horse delivers thought provoking messages in a manner that is never preachy. Like The Black & Blues, this music is not easy to classify. It's equal parts southern rock and psychedelia, with slight hints of reggae and blues infused into the sonic mix. And the live show? "Wow" is the only word that comes close to describing it.

Finally, THe BAcksliders wrap up the evening in true rock and roll style, a favorite of mine ever since the first time I saw the band in 2006. The band has won Dallas Observer Music Awards in both the Blues and Hard Rock categories, yet neither category is really the right fit for the band. There are definite blues elements in many songs for sure, and THe BAcksliders definitely rock quite hard, especially in a live setting. The truth, however, is that THe BAcksliders are the last of a dying breed: the rock and roll band. Not alt-rock, not indie-rock, not post-progressive-emo-death-core-rock, but good old fashioned rock and roll. It's a simple formula, yes, but executed in a first rate manner thanks in large part to the incredible vocal talent of Kim Bonner and the severely underrated guitar skills of Chris Bonner, one of the finest in the area. If you're ready to rock, then you're ready for THe BAcksliders, simple as that.

So here's a quick recap:

Date: December 10th
Place: The Green Elephant
Bands: THe BAcksliders, Pale Horse, The Black & Blues
Level of Awesomeness: Off the charts

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