Friday, January 9, 2009

Weekend Stuff

I wanted to get out some last minute recommendations for shows this weekend. Nothing fancy here, just some good old fashioned live music suggestions along with witty commentary. Honestly, I think today will be more commentary and less wit. Hey, you can't hit a home run all the time.


Boys Named Sue (Allgood Café)
Redneck happy hour has become quite the tradition at Allgood, and there are no signs that this tradition will fade away. After all, this is Texas, and what do Texans love more than good country music and cold beer?
Nicholas Altobelli (Buon Giorno)
I know I've raved about Waiting for the Flowers to Bloom, but I rave with good reason. The album is filled with gorgeous, melancholy tunes that sound like what I'd imagine Nick Drake sounding like if he was raised Texan instead of British. You can also check out Mr. Altobelli Saturday night at Liquid Lounge. I'm not listing that show, since I'm not certain about the quality of the other bands on the lineup. I may swing by, however, just to check out this super talented guy.
Johnny Lloyd Rollins, Bridges and Blinking Lights, RTB2 (Double-Wide)
I'm not quite sure I get this lineup, but I'll go with it, just because Mr. Rollins doesn't play near enough shows anymore. Any opportunity to see JLR play is a delight, and I'm sure tonight's show would be no exception. My experience with RTB2 is very limited, but the few songs I saw them perform live has me curious to see more.


Eleven Hundred Springs (Double-Wide)
The band is recording a live album during the show, so if you've ever wanted to be on record (sort of), now's your chance. Get there early, as I'm sure the place will be packed to the max by the end of the evening.
Salim Nourallah, Chris Holt (Opening Bell Mosaic)
Can someone help me find some new ways to express how brilliant these two artists are? I think I've run out of original ways to do so.
Lovie, Monco Poncho, Elkhart (Club Dada)
I haven't seen the band since drummer Grace left, so maybe I'll get the opportunity to meet their new drummer, Leanna. Joining the bill will be Monco Poncho (led by the awesome Nick Durham), and Elkhart (who I've been dying to finally see).

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