Sunday, January 11, 2009

MySpace Playlist: 1/11/08

Yes, it's time for yet another playlist. There's not really a theme this time around. No, it's just ten songs that I felt like putting on the list. And in case you haven't noticed, I've made it easier for you to like to my MySpace page. Just look to the left, and you'll see how to contact me thru MySpace,, and Twitter. As for email, go thru my blogger profile to contact me. Feel free to do that; it keeps The Ghost from getting too lonely.

  1. "City Limit Signs", Nicholas Altobelli
    I really wanted to see more of Mr. Altobelli's set at Liquid Lounge yesterday. Alas, when one act bailed, the schedule put Mr. Altobelli directly up against Elkhart at Dada. I stayed for three songs at Liquid Lounge, then caught the rest of Elkhart (who are amazing, by the way) at Dada. This particular track is a demo version of a song from his next album.

  2. "Devil's Basement", Jonathan Tyler & Northern Lights
    I had meant to put this song on last week's playlist, but I somehow forgot. How I managed such an oversight I am not sure. What matters is that I have corrected said oversight. Enjoy this track, because you're not going to be seeing that many JT&NL shows in the near future. That's the price of being signed to a major label.

  3. "Go On", The Shapes
    This is a band I almost put on last week's playlist. I hadn't heard much about The Shapes in awhile, and I assumed that the band was either broken up or barely played anymore. Well, there's an old saying: when you assume, it makes an ass of u and me. Point is, The Shapes are not only alive and kicking, they are FINALLY releasing their first full length album. Thanks for the update, Patricia.

  4. "Might've Said It", The Spin
    Sometimes it's just fun to have a little blast from the past. This track was recorded in 1991 I believe. This was back in the days where all of my local music knowledge came not from live shows, but from KDGE. George GiMarc, KDGE needs you back, whether they realize it or not.

  5. "Black Market Value", the cut*off
    Fort Worth people, listen carefully. The place to be in Cowtown this Saturday is The Moon. I believe the cut*off will be headlining the show. Also, go to their MySpace and check out the video for the song. Pretty cool, huh?

  6. "I Hate This So Called Reality", The League of Fucking Decency
    Admit it, you love the name of this band. They'll be playing at The Lounge on Elm Street Monday night. Then you can tell all your co-workers the next day that you saw The League of Fucking Decency. It makes for good conversation around the water cooler, don't you think?

  7. "Should've Known", Doug Burr
    The CD Release Party for The Shawl is Saturday night at Sons of Hermann Hall. For now, however, I'm going back to On Promenade for this killer track. He finally made a video for this track. Yes, it seems a little peculiar to release a video for a song that came from the album BEFORE the one just now being released. Give it a watch though, and I'm sure you'll agree that it's better late than never.

  8. "Blacklight", Macon Greyson
    I noticed about a month or so ago that Macon Greyson was talking about this song being in a movie called The Wrestler. I didn't think much of it at first, figuring this would be a straight to DVD type movie. Now I'm hearing a bunch of Oscar hype for Mickey Rourke's performance in the film. I have no doubt the band will be playing this song Saturday night at City Tavern. Check these guys out before they go Hollywood and start dating supermodels.

  9. "Go", Summer Ames
    I caught a little of Ms. Ames' set last night at Liquid Lounge. I listened to the first two songs, and then walked out when I heard she was about to cover Colbie Caillat's "Realize". I felt that was completely unnecessary, as both of the previous songs were far stronger than what I've heard from Colbie. And for those of my readers groaning at the mention of Colbie, I feel you should still give Summer's music a chance. It's a nice, mellow, folkish type vibe that would feel very much at home at Opening Bell Coffee. I say keep an eye on this young talent.

  10. "When We Was Kool", PPT
    If you're looking at the player on my MySpace page, you're probably seeing the ad for the upcoming film on Biggie Smalls. It inspired me to put this song on the list, since PPT was easily my favorite rap act to ever emerge from the metroplex. The group has since gone off in separate directions: Picnic is doing his own thing, and Pikahsso and Tahiti are dawning the age of AwkQuarius. Tahiti has also released a solo track available on itunes called "Next to Me". Best of luck to all three members in 2009.

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