Monday, January 19, 2009

Four Videos

The first video is from Erik Neff, who will be playing my showcase this Saturday at Club Dada. I'm guessing most of you haven't heard Mr. Neff yet, unless if you've been listening to my playlist (which you all should be doing, really). It's the same song as is on the playlist, just with video this time around. As I've mentioned before, he's also a male model, so I suspect there'll be a few ladies watching this video repeatedly and swooning.

Up next are the O's (also part of my showcase), singing their song "California". No, this is not a cover of the Phantom Planet song, silly. The video was recorded by none other than Cindy Chaffin. Hope she doesn't mind me posting her videos. Maybe she'll forgive me if I link to both her old blog (The Fine Line) and her new blog (Life Outside the Bubble).

Want some more video of artists playing my showcase? Well you happen to be in luck. Here's a video of Rose County Fair playing at the Granada.

This last video has nothing to do with my showcase or local music whatsoever, and is far more important than any of the other videos. Some of us (like myself) are lucky enough to have the day off, so let us remember the purpose of today.


nimbusthegreat said...

>>so I suspect there'll be a few ladies watching this video repeatedly and swooning<<

oh ghost, don't forget your lovely gay readers.....

"The Ghost" said...

Thanks for the reminder. So does that mean you'll be coming Saturday night to swoon over Erik Neff?