Sunday, January 25, 2009

MySpace Playlist: 1/25/09

Before I give you this week's playlist, I need to get a few thank you's out of the way. I would like to thank Ben Tapia at Club Dada for allowing me to do another one of my musical showcases. Thanks also go out to Rose County Fair, The O's, Erik Neff, and Nicholas Altobelli for not only agreeing to play, but for playing so damn well. John Pedigo definitely gets the MVP award of the night, for being totally awesome in both The O's and Rose County Fair, and for drinking large quantities of alcohol yet never letting it show in his performance. I thank Scotty Mankoff for coming out and taking pictures. A simple rule in the local music scene is that if Scotty is at your show, then it's a big deal show. Thanks Scotty for always making my shows a big deal. Click here to check out his pictures of my showcase. And most importantly, I thank every one of you who came to the show last night. I can't do what I do without an audience, so thank you.

Now, onto the playlist. You'll have to forgive me for feeling a little lazy after last night's rock spectacle. There will be no commentary on the tracks, and I admit the theme is a little lame: bands that start with the letter S. Still, I've got some good tunes here, so listen and enjoy.

  1. "Bill Cosby", Shibboleth

  2. "Pulling Teeth", Slider Pines

  3. "Sad Song", Smile Smile"

  4. "Easy", Somebody's Darling"

  5. "Bjorn Yesterday", Sorta

  6. "My Beautiful Life", Sparrows

  7. "Social Reject", Spector 45

  8. "The Christmas Tree", Stella Rose

  9. "Posterchild for Tragedy", Sugarbomb

  10. "Astronaut", Sunward


scottmankoff said...

Thanks for the kind words and your showcase was great!

Jason said...

I think you should add some Giggle Party on there. We are tons of fun and could get a list like that going.

"The Ghost" said...


The band just doesn't fit into the S theme. Change your name to Siggle Party, and I'll consider adding you to the list. Perhaps another week we can get some Giggle action going on the playlist.