Sunday, January 18, 2009

MySpace Playlist: 1/18/09

Make no mistake, this is a really, really, really, big weekend for shows. I cannot stress enough how big this weekend is. If you're wanting to know some of the best shows this weekend, check out the playlist, featuring only artists playing this weekend. Be sure to listen through the whole playlist, because I have saved the best for last.

  1. "Beautiful", Flickerstick
    This Saturday, Dallas says goodbye to the Band on the Run that captured America's heart with their TV exploits of drunkenness and tantrums. Oh yeah, the music was pretty awesome as well. If you can find Tim Locke that night, be sure to buy him a beer, as he'll be doing double duty as Calhoun is one of the openers. Stella Rose and Holy Moly open.

  2. "Lydia", Fishing For Comets
    I'm not really familiar with Jack's Backyard, but that's where you can find FFC Saturday night.

  3. "You Deserve Better", The Slack
    Technically, The Slack aren't playing this weekend. Slack lead vocalist Chris Holt, however, will be headlining a bill at Opening Bell Mosaic. It's another Anju Bill Foundation fundraiser.

  4. "Farewell Republica", Airline
    Just so you Fort Worth folks don't feel left out, here's a show for you. Airline plays Friday night along with The Burning Hotels and Austin band The Lemurs. I'm not sure of the order of the lineup, but be sure to get there early enough for Airline, who will steal the show.

  5. "The World Is Full of People Who Want to Hurt You", Salim Nourallah

  6. "Rocketships", Menkena
    You can find both Mr. Nourallah and Menkena at Granada Theater this Friday evening. Radiant will headline, and Winslow Bright (who I know nothing about) is also on the bill. Salim will most likely draw the biggest crowd, as he has earned a reputation as one of the best songwriters in town, and has been a constant positive presence in the scene going on almost two decades. But for all the attention Salim will get, let us not forget about Menkena. The band's unique blend of dreamy melodies (think Slowdive or Lush with a male vocalist) and emotionally intimate lyrics and acoustic guitar (think Nick Drake) have bend Menkena one of my new favorite bands. Their EP (you can purchase it at the show I'm sure) has been constantly in my CD player. Do not, I repeat, do not arrive late to this show. Yes, Menkena is that good. But if you think that's good, wait until you check this out. Yes, I have saved the best for last.

  7. "Waiting for the Flowers to Bloom", Nicholas Altobelli

  8. "Takes One to Know One", Erik Neff

  9. "California", The O's

  10. "Slide Shows", Rose County Fair
    Yes, The Ghost is at it again. I have put together a little show for everyone to attend. Not to brag, but I did assemble a mighty fine lineup here. You have Nicholas Altobelli, an excellent singer-songwriter who is just starting to get the attention he deserves. I hope this showcase will get him that attention. You also have Erik Neff, a model/musician whose killer bluesy-rock tunes prove he's more than a pretty face. Rumor has it there's talk of a major label deal for this guy, so come and say you saw him before he hit it big. Speaking of big, The O's have gone from a small side project to becoming one of the most talked about bands in town. The band's approach is simple: write good songs and play them well. It seems to be working for them. Finally, we have Rose County Fair, playing their first show since, well, my last showcase. Major props go out to John Pedigo for being willing to do double duty. Come on out to Dada this Saturday night and be part of the mayhem!!!

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