Saturday, January 17, 2009

Really, Really, Really Tough Choices for Tonight

Usually, I can predict where I'm going to be on a Saturday night at the latest of the night before. At the time I am typing this, I am still debating on which of the three following shows to attend. Sure, it beats the alternative of not knowing what to do because of weak shows, but it's a tough choice nonetheless. If anyone has any advice as to which show I should attend, feel free to post a comment with your suggestion.

Macon Greyson, The Magnolia Sons (City Tavern)
On the surface, this looks like just another Macon Greyson show in Dallas (which is good enough in and of itself). Here's the catch: since their song "Blacklight" has been featured in The Wrestler, it may only be a matter of time before the band gets the break that they so deserve. Goodbye Adair's and City Tavern shows, hello Hollywood. Granted, the guys in Macon Greyson are such nice fellows that I don't think they'd let the success go to their heads. Still, it might be nice to catch them now before one of them starts dating Paris Hilton or Jessica Simpson.
Doug Burr, Baptist Generals, Robert Gomez, Dust Congress (Sons of Hermann Hall)
Did I miss something about Sons of Hermann Hall relocating to Denton? No, not to worry. This showcase at the Sons (yes, still in Dallas) is being called a "Salute to Little D". Headlining the show is Doug Burr, who is celebrating the release of The Shawl tonight. The concept of this album is quite intriguing; it's a collection of songs inspired by the Psalms. I've yet to hear the new material, but my hopes are held up high.
King Bucks, Calhoun, Jack County, The Atoms (Club Dada)
Even though I've known Keith and Chad from King Bucks for about seven years now, I've yet to see a full on King Bucks show. Tonight might be a good night to change that, especially since Calhoun (a band I don't get to see often enough) is also on the lineup.

There's one more show worth mentioning. You can see the cut*off at The Moon in Fort Worth, along with Pat Boone's Farm and The Hosty Duo. I don't feel like driving out to FW tonight, but any Fort Worth residents needing something to do tonight would be well advised to attend this show. Oh, and if you tell them "The Ghost" sent you, well, prepare to run out of the club really, really fast.

See you out tonight... wherever that may be for me.


Anonymous said...

king bucks!!

jdalisauski said...

WE're trying to decode where to go when ya figure it out let me know!!!!

Rebecca said...

I'm a sucker for Doug Burr. and for Calhoun. I see your dilemma.

"The Ghost" said...

The decision has been made. Club Dada it is. Sorry, Doug Burr & Macon Greyson.

Jeff Kauffman Jr. said...

well this won't help you much BUT i would have gone to the king bucks show.