Friday, January 23, 2009

Super, Super, Super Big Weekend: The Sequel

Now that I've talked about my showcase yet again, I suppose I should hit some of the other big highlights of the weekend. If you wanna know where to find me tonight, go to Granada Theater. The ever talented Salim Nourallah is playing, along with one of my new favorites, Menkena. I'm also curious to hear Winslow Bright play; she's a 17 year old Highland Park girl whose celebrating the release of her CD Lovable tonight. The last musician that I can think of who came out of HP was Rhett Miller. Those are some mighty big shoes to fill, Ms. Bright. Oh, and Radiant headlines the bill. By the way, did the band keep or drop the asterik? I'm so confused.

Over in Fort Worth, they're getting not one, but two brand new clubs: Lola's Stockyards and The Longhorn Saloon. It's all owned by the same folks who own Lola's on 6th Street, so you know the booking is gonna stay solid. Both clubs have plenty to offer this weekend. Friday night brings Gary P. Nunn and Jack County to the Longhorn Saloon, and The Quebe Sisters Band and Ginny Mac will be at the Stockyards. The next night, Eleven Hundred Springs and The Derailers are playing the Longhorn Saloon, with The King Bucks, The Orbans (ex-Lifters) and Glen Farris playing at the Stockyards. Also, since both clubs are within walking distance of each other, they're offering a special deal Friday and Saturday where $10 gets you into either club.

You probably know that Flickerstick is calling it quits. You probably also know about the big House of Blues show with Calhoun, Stella Rose, and Holy Moly. You may not, however, have heard that Flickerstick is playing tonight at Lola's on 6th Street. They're calling it a "rehearsal jam". I call it a great opportunity to see the band in what is easily my favorite club in Fort Worth.

And here's the rest of what you have to look forward to:

  • A.M. Ramblers, The O's, The Make Believers (Andy's Bar)

  • The Burning Hotels, Airline, The Lemurs (The Moon)

  • Awkquarius

  • Fishing For Comets (Jack's Backyard)

  • Chris Holt, Dirty Birds, Brian Miller, Paul Ramon (Opening Bell Mosaic)

But of course, you really want to be at Dada Saturday night, right? Hey, I gotta promote, right?

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