Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Random Musings on an Icy Day

Every cloud has its silver lining. Yes, the weather outside is cold, miserable, and dangerous to drive in. Fortunately, this means I did not have to work today, leaving me time to work on the blog. I've got a story in the works on a young lady who I think is a musical force to be reckoned with. That update just isn't ready yet. Instead, I leave you with some random pieces of information that you may find interesting. Hey, at least you'll know, and knowing is half the battle. Ah, the zen of G.I. Joe.

  • Okay, I'm a day late in breaking the big news. March 28th, Black Tie Dynasty is playing at the Granada Theater. That, however, is not the big news. Cory Watson, BTD lead vocalist, announced that the band is breaking up, and the Granada show will be their last. The band has never lacked in making fans, but I feel that the music critics have given this band way too hard of a time. At least Pete Freedman of Dallas Observer suggested that the band was just starting to come in to its own with their latest release, Down Like Anyone. Either way, I shall miss this band.

  • Rahim Quazi has long been a Ghost of Blind Lemon fave, and I am always happy to promote this great talent. Well, here's another opportunity for me to promote, promote, promote. His song "In This Life" was entered into a songwriting contest in London called Festival 4 Stars Live. The winner of the competition gets a cash prize, plus will be flown to London and have the opportunity to play the song live at the Grand Finals and Awards Dinner. Click on the above link for Festival 4 Stars, and please vote for Rahim!

  • Another one of my Dallas faves, THe BAcksliders, are in the midst of recording their follow up to You're Welcome. The band, for the time being, is focusing on the recording process and doing few shows at the moment. Am I the only person having some mad BAckslider cravings? If not, maybe this video I posted at the end of this entry will help tide you over until February 15th. The band will be playing at Poor David's Pub for the benefit for Jimmy Arnold.

  • Finally, I've heard a lot of people say that they're considering leaving MySpace for Facebook. Facebook is honestly superior in most aspects except for one: music. As a local music fan, MySpace does a better job of serving my needs. However, I've found another social networking site devoted exclusively to the local music scene. The site is Dallas Music Wire (see list of cool blogs/websites for link), and I would encourage all my readers to sign up for the site.

Recording new album

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Jeff Kauffman Jr. said...

In regards to the Myspace vs. Facebook decision: Neptop Research states that 34% of all social networkers use both platforms - a full article and links can be found here:

Yes, Facebook has twice the unique visistors but as you pointed out Myspaces offers benefits that can't be had on Facebook.

Use Myspace, use Facebook, but don't use them the same way.

Thanks for the shout!