Friday, July 10, 2009

Weekend Plans: Friday-Sunday

I feel fairly certain that I'm missing some big events on my list for this weekend, but this is what I've got so far. As always, if I've forgotten an event, please post it in the comment section.


Macon Greyson/The Marfalites/Revolution Garden Party/Sucker Punch (Lakewood Bar & Grill)
The good news: The Marfalites, Noah Caveny's new band, will still be making their debut tonight, along GOBL favorite Macon Greyson. Bad news: King Bucks are no longer on the lineup, and apparently Club Dada is no longer hosting the two bands.
The Theater Fire (Lee Harvey's)
I stopped in at Lee Harvey's a few weekends ago and saw a little of Thin White Dukes there. I forgot what a neat venue this place is, and you have to love the inexpensive cover charge. And by inexpensive, I mean free. I'm not sure how the venue can pull off getting great bands like The Theater Fire without charging cover, but more power to them.
Record Hop/The Slow Burners (Barley House)
Speaking of free, there's never a cover at Barley House either. Record Hop are definitely louder than what one would typically see there, but I welcome any chance the club will take to cater to the music fan as opposed to the SMU "see and be seen" crowd. It's also worth noting that Record Hop's live shows only seem to improve over time. My only complaint with my last show of theirs was that the set was too short.
Speedtrucker (Adair's)
Have I just been under a rock, or is this show not being promoted well? You'd think that there would be a ton of promotion about this show.
Clay + Electronic Cowboys with Manya Repnikova (Cafe Rembrandt)
I don't know if Clay's shows regularly turn into dance parties, or if that's just a sign of the company I was keeping last week at my Ghost of Blind Lemon showcase. Either way, Mr. Pendergrass delivered energetic and passionate versions of songs from his East Dallas Mix Tape, Vol. 1 in styles different from the album, often times funkier and more fun. I'm not sure if Clay's going to bust out some Morning Elephant songs since Manya will be joining him. If you're curious, the only way to find out is to go see.


Rock The Block! (Primo's)
Outdoors shows in Dallas this time of year are uncomfortable at best. Brutal would be a more appropriate word. Having said that, this is a show that benefits two good causes (Kidd's Kids and the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center) and hosts some good bands. The Felons will be taking the stage early in the day with their rock sound that is begging to be heard in concert halls and arenas. I'm not certain of the caliber of bands in the middle of the day, but the last three acts (King Bucks, The O's, Here In Arms) are all worth the $10 admission.
Speedtrucker (Adair's)
Just in case you needed more than one night.

Can't Stop the Serenity Music Showcase (Poor David's Pub)
I'm not going to restate my previous article on this event. Instead, I'm taking the lazy man's way out and offering you the opportunity to click here to read all about it.
Dove Hunter (Barley House)
If you're as broke as I am, you'll welcome as many free shows as you can get your hands on. You might wanna start coming up with excuses for why you'll be late to work on Monday.


Kelly said...

I agree with the painful heat, BUT, do you know the times of The Orbans, O's and King Bucks for sat on mckinney ave?

"The Ghost" said...

I will post times in the comment section when and if I learn of them. Thanks for mentioning The Orbans, as I was not aware that they were part of this show. Their set at M2S2 was excellent, and "Were Her" is one of my favorite songs this year.

"The Ghost" said...

11:30 - Midnight Express
12:30 - The Kirklands
1:30 - The Felons*
2:30 - MIKirk
3:00 - DJ Special Blends
3:30 - The Orbans*
5:00 - Here, In Arms*
6:00 - Paul Peredes
6:30 - The O's*
8:00 - The King Bucks*

Asterik denotes GOBL recommended acts.