Monday, July 20, 2009

Update on My 2 Year Anniversary Show

I previously announced my 2 year anniversary celebration in a previous blog entry, and I wanted to give an update on information for the festivities. First of all, the event has been moved from Club Dada to City Tavern. I made the move out of concern with the difficulties that Dada has been facing lately, plus it's not easy moving a lineup this large. I still have nothing but the greatest of love for both the club and its owner, Ben Tapia, and hope to book a GOBL event at Dada in the very near future. I must say, I have enjoyed the opportunity to work with Josh Florence of City Tavern. All the musicians I've talked to about City Tavern have had nothing but rave reviews of their experiences at this place, and any place that makes musicians happy, makes me happy.

The other development I have to report is that Inner City All-Stars will unfortunately not be able to play the event. Hopefully I can get them to play a show in the near future, because this band's live set is one of the most fun live music events you'll get to see.

I was going to show off the awesome poster for the event, made by Lance Lester from Bona Fide Darling. For some reason, the coloring seems to come out weird on my blog. Cindy Chaffin did not have this problem on The Fine Line, so click here to see the poster on her blog. And please, mark July 31st on your calendar, and mark it in pen, not pencil. This is going to be an incredible lineup featuring Spencer Garland, The League of Fucking Decency, Menkena, Iris Leu, The O's, and Elkhart. You may want to rest up as much as you can the next two weeks, because this is going to be the par-tay!

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