Saturday, July 18, 2009

MySpace Playlist: 7/19/09

I've gotten into some conversations with people lately, and I got the impression that people just viewed this weekly post of mine as a mere list of songs. Yes, it is a list, but to be more specific, it is a PLAYLIST that is meant to be listened to. Each week's playlist can be heard on my MySpace page, and I would strongly encourage you to do just that. Look to the left side of the screen, and you'll see several links, including a link that will take you to my MySpace page. I'd love to be able to post the actual playlist on the blog, but unfortunately MySpace does not allow for that. What I'd encourage my readers to do is to open another window to look at my MySpace page with, and listen as you read. After all, the reason I highlight these songs is that I want them to be HEARD.

  1. "The Gift", Hi-Fi Collective
    This band will be making its debut performance this Thursday at my Lakewood Bar & Grill showcase. I think this is a band that shows promise, and am quite curious to see live.

  2. "Luckier Man", John Lefler
    Here's another act on Thursday's LBG lineup. Yes, this is the same John Lefler that is in Dashboard Confession. No, his solo stuff does not even vaguely sound like the band he's in. His debut solo CD, Better by Design, was produced by Salim Nourallah, and it definitely shares similar melodic territory with Mr. Nourallah's solo work.

  3. "The Queen Himself", Fate Lions
    Just in case Mr. Lefler pop hooks aren't enough pop for you in one evening, Fate Lions rounds out Thursday's bill. By the way, Dave Little is also playing, but I couldn't find any music to put on my playlist.

  4. "All I Wanted", Hendrick
    This song helps show that "Echo and the Pass" is not the only good CD off their new CD, Exhale. This one is catchy, very pretty, and an all around great song in its own right.

  5. "Unfavorable Way", Trey Johnson
    I have to make a confession: I was not initially a fan of this song. Perhaps it's because this song feels like a radical departure from the Sorta sound that I had associated Mr. Johnson with since I've known him. Upon reexamination of this song, I have found the song to be memorable and catchy, with the usual lyrical intelligence I would associate with Trey's music with Sorta. This is from his upcoming Idol Records release, Mount Pelee, which comes out later this month. Save your pennies, because you will want a copy.

  6. "Maths", Record Hop
    Noise rock fans, listen up. Boom Boom Box and Record Hop will play together at Double Wide this Friday. Will it be loud? Oh yes. Will it be fun? Most definitely!

  7. "Maureen's House", The Marfalites
    I saw the band's debut performance a few Fridays ago at LBG, and was quite pleased with their set. I have a special fondness for this track, and I'm sure they'll be playing it this Friday at City Tavern.

  8. "Deal Me Out", David Ramirez
    A month ago, I had never even heard of David Ramirez. I ended up attending his CD release party for American Soil and purchasing the CD. This is a CD that does require repeated listens, but trust me, the payback you get from the repeated listens is enormous. Mr. Ramirez reminds me of an Americana equivalent of Damien Rice; his vocal phrasings are even similar to Damien Rice. My one frustration is that Mr. Ramirez' MySpace does not contain any of my favorites from the CD ("Bloom", "Drunk", "I Am Ready to Go Home"). Still, it's not as if any of the tracks on the CD are weak, and if you like "Deal Me Out", you will be pleasantly surprised by the CD. Don't be surprised if this album makes my top 10 local CD's list.

  9. "Lost My Heart", Becky Middleton
    Becky's sister, Jennifer, has been accepted to the Bristol Old Vic Theater, located in England. This is no small accomplishment, and unfortunately, the cost of the college is not small either. This is where you, the reader, come in. There will be a fundraiser at the South Side location of Opening Bell Coffee. There is a suggested $8 donation for cover, plus 10% of all sales that evening go towards the cost of Jennifer's education. Becky Middleton will be playing the evening, as will GOBL favorite Taylor Davis, Jaimee Harris, and Phillip & Daniel Creamer. "The Ghost" is always a sucker for a good charity event, and this definitely fits the bill.

  10. "The Girl Who Stole the Eiffel Tower", The Deathray Davies
    Possibly one of the coolest events of my life was the night I helped Chad on keyboards onstage during this particular Deathray Davies track. Deathray Davies, in my opinion, are one of the best bands to ever emerge out of the Dallas music scene. Performances have been few and far between lately. There most recent show was in December 2007 at the Granada Theater. Ladies and gentlemen, the wait is over. This Saturday marks the triumphant return of DRD to our city. They will headline a show at Sons of Hermann Hall, which will also feature Salim Nourallah, San Antonio band Buttercup, and the cut*off. As for me performing again with Deathray Davies, I wouldn't hold your breath.


Heath said...

What? Didn't find one Cully Woods song to post?

David Ramirez said...

Thanks for the love brother. However the track is "Deal Me In" not "Out".

I really appreciate your words. Maybe I'll change up the myspace songs soon. I always get stressed over what to post.

Keep writing and keep listening.

"The Ghost" said...

David, I knew the song title, but mistyped it. My mistake. I look forward to seeing you perform around town soon.