Sunday, July 12, 2009

MySpace Playlist: 7/18/09

  1. "Golden Storybook", Blue Petal
    I usually begin my playlists with my LBG shows, but I wanted to remind everyone of the Can't Stop the Serenity event, happening in a matter of hours from when I'm posting this entry. If you're digging this song, take a break from the playlist, and head out to Poor David's Pub.

  2. "City Limit Signs", Nicholas Altobelli

  3. "If It Never Gets Better", Taylor Davis

  4. Both Mr. Altobelli and Mr. Davis will be playing with me Thursday at LBG...
  5. "Easy", Somebody's Darling
    And while Somebody's Darling itself isn't playing my LBG show, lead singer Amber Farris will be doing an acoustic set.

  6. "Echo and the Pass", Hendrick
    It was about two weeks ago that I received a copy of their new CD, Exhale. In that time period, I have listened to "Echo and the Pass" over twenty times, probably more than any other song this entire year. To say that I love this song might be an understatement. I'm sure they will be playing this one at the Granada Theater Saturday night for the CD release show.

  7. "You've Got Your Heart", The O's
    This Saturday is the Dallas Observer Music Awards showcase, and they'll be playing at 8:00 at Bandera. The O's will undoubtedly receive at least one win, and I think they are definitely the most deserving in the categories of Best New Act, and I also think this track should take home the Best Song award. And if they take home more than that, I will be neither surprised nor disappointed.

  8. "Funeral Fashion", Dove Hunter
    Here's another DOMA nominee. This band will not be part of the showcase, but you can catch them for free tonight at Barley House. BTW, I'm hoping they take home the award for Best Indie act.

  9. "Go On", The Shapes
    After a few less eventful years for the band, things seem to be falling into place for The Shapes. Their songs have gotten airplay locally (KNON's Sonic Assembly Power Hour) and nationally (Power Pop Plus Radio WBCQ 5110), and their first CD should be released in the foreseeable future. This has always been my favorite of theirs, and they will hopefully play it Saturday night at the Lounge on Elm Street, along with Lovie and out of towners The Flying Eyes and Til We're Blue Or Destroy.

  10. "Grown Man", Sorta
    Now that Sorta is no more, the other members are still finding ways to stay busy. Trey Johnson's new CD, Mount Pelee, shall be released on Idol Records this month. Also, Danny Balis announced the release of his upcoming CD, Too Much Living. I also think that Chris Holt's band, The Slack, should have their second CD out by the end of the year. All that's missing now are CD's from Ward Williams and Trey Carmichael.

  11. "Give a Damn", Emmeline
    Many of you are probably not familiar with Emmeline. I discovered her last Wednesday at LBG, where she'll be playing every Wednesday this month starting at 8:00 pm. This woman not only possesses a beautiful voice, but writes songs that are simply beautiful and heartfelt. I also admittedly have a weakness for good piano/keyboard players, and her skills on the instrument are quite respectable, to stay the least. Please readers, check this track out because I think that this is a singer/songwriter that deserves a bigger break in the scene than she has gotten thus far.


S.C. said...

So true about Emmeline. Considering she's been playing the Dallas area scene for only a year, she's moved up through the ranks quickly. She'll be opening for Acoustic Distortion on August 1st @ Opening Bell Coffee Southside, along with a couple of other great singer/songwriters Josh Cooley and Garrett Owen.

Heath said...

For a great pianist/singer/songwriter check out Cully Woods tomorrow at the Lakewood Bar and Grill.

fuzzbuzz said...

We'll be playing "Go On" in your honor sir! Let me know when you can make it to a show and we'll play it while you're there too!