Friday, July 17, 2009

The Weekend Before the DOMA's

Obviously, the weekend's biggest event is going to be the Dallas Observer Music Awards Showcase, starting at 6 p.m. tomorrow. If you're unfamiliar with these showcases, here's how it works: you purchase a wristband for $5, which allows you to get into six different venues along Lower Greenville. These wristbands can be purchased at any of the participating clubs. For more details, click here. As for which bands you should see, I'm having a hard time deciding myself. I will say that some of the acts you'll most likely find me watching include Chris Holt, Spector 45, The O's, Salim Nourallah, and The Orbans. I will probably not see any band in its entirity, because there are too many good bands pitted against each other. Do you choose Chris Holt or Spector 45? The O's or Binary Sunrise? Doug Burr or True Widow? Those are just a small number of the musical dilemnas I'll face Saturday night. Either way, this is a great chance to discover new band, plus it's your final opportunity to vote in the DOMA's. If you haven't done so yet, you need to do so pronto. I am nominated for Best Music Advocate, so if you feel I am worthy of the title, your vote would be appreciated.

But for now, let's look at some shows that have nothing to do with the DOMA showcases:


Rahim Quazi & The Supernaturals (Veritas)
Mr. Quazi is a long time GOBL fave, and his shows are ever evolving, living and breathing creatures. It is always fascinating to see what form his songs take on in a given evening. The only thing better than the music is the cause he's supporting. This show benefits The Family Place. There's not technically a cover charge, but they are accepting donations of toys, toothpaste, and shampoo. It's nice combo; you feel good from both the music and from helping. That, my friend, is what we call a win-win situation.
Taylor Davis/The Felons/King of the Rabbit Trail (City Tavern)
It seems like the past few weeks, everywhere I turn around, Taylor Davis is there. Maybe that's because I've booked him for two GOBL shows, and also got him an opening slot on the Felons' CD release show. Mr. Davis and The Felons find themselves reunited, but with Taylor headlining this show. With each performance, I become more and more impressed with Mr. Davis' talent in both the singing and songwriting arenas. And I've always been impressed with The Felons, as should have been evident by my review of their new CD, At Sea.
Little Black Dress/Heart Eyes Open/The Rain Horses (The Cavern)
I still haven't seen Heart Eyes Open yet, but have heard good word of mouth on the band. I have seen Little Black Dress, and have always been impressed with the band. Any shoegaze fans who have not seen LBD yet are strongly encouraged to do so immediately.
Clay & Electronic Cowboys (Cafe Rembrandt)
I'm guessing this is a Friday night regular event. I need to check it out. Last week, I commented on how Clay's LBG show turned into a mini dance party. I'm still wondering if that was a fluke that occured because of certain people in the audience, or this is a regular occurence. If you attend this show, please report back to me and tell me if the Cafe Rembrandt shows are dance parties as well. I need to know these things.
Scott H. Biram/Grady/RTB2 (Granada Theater)
This is the CD release show for their EP, In the Fleshed. I'm gonna keep this one brief: it's RTB2, therefore it is good. Seriously, if you like stripped down bluesy rock, this band will make you happy.


The Slack (Lee Harvey's)
Chris Holt will be keeping busy Saturday. After his early set at Billiard Bar for the DOMA's, he gets the band together for a free Lee Harvey's show. After watching one of Mr. Holt's crazy guitar solos with The Slack, you'll totally see why he was nominated for Best Musician.
Menkena (City Tavern)
I'm sure there are others playing with Menkena, but the City Tavern website did not give names. That's OK, because Menkena alone is worth twice the amount of money you'll have to pay at City Tavern, and that's the truth.
The Shapes/The Flying Eyes/Til We're Blue or Destroy/Lovie (The Lounge on Elm Street)
I still haven't gotten to see this venue, and I will probably miss out again this weekend. It's a shame, because The Shapes and Lovie are both great bands. I get to see Lovie on a regular basis, but it's been years since I've seen The Shapes. The band seems to be getting some long overdue buzz lately, and if you're into garage rock with some killer pop hooks, this is something you'll like.
Somebody's Darling/John David Kent (House of Blues Cambridge Room)
For those who missed Amber Farris' solo set last night at LBG, it was pretty amazing. How she didn't get a nomination for Best Female Vocalist in the DOMA's is beyond me. Fortunately, her band Somebody's Darling did get a well earned nod for best Country Act. Can't wait for their new CD. I'll let you know when it comes out.

And of course, there's the Dallas Observer Music Awards Showcase. There's plenty to keep you busy this weekend.


fuzzbuzz said...

Thanks Ghost, we appreciate that you noticed our little return from the dead! And this is why you should win for your category- you really got your ears to the wall!
best of luck and much thanks!

Jeff kauffman Jr said...

Lee Harvy's here I come!