Sunday, July 5, 2009

MySpace Playlist: 7/5/09

  1. "The Royal Me", Les Americains

  2. "Leaves and Sticks", Romp Almighty

  3. "People Change", Tonite Tonite but After Tonite You're on Your Own

  4. Les Americains will headline Thursday's LBG show, with Tonite Tonite opening and Romp Almighty sandwiched nicely in the middle.
  5. "Maureen's House", The Marfalites

  6. Club Dada had a rough last week to say the least, but the good is supposed to open back up this Monday. That's good, because I'm really looking forward to the debut show of Noah Caveny's new band, The Marfalites. Oh yeah, Macon Greyson and King Bucks are both on the bill, and they're pretty damn good too.
  7. "Cathedral", The Felons

  8. I, "The Ghost", do hereby solemny swear that by the end of the business week, there shall be a review of At Sea posted.
  9. "Done", Deep Blue Something

  10. The KDGE reunion show was fun, even though DBS skipped most of my favorite songs. This is one of the ones they skipped.
  11. "End Film", Little Black Dress

  12. Just in case one song sung by Toby Pipes isn't enough for you, here's an offering from his latest project, Little Black Dress.
  13. "Yer Fool's Suite (Part II)", RTB2

  14. "Five Minutes", Binary Sunrise

  15. The DOMA's are quickly approaching, and I'd encourage you to cast your votes. If one of those votes is for me at Best Music Advocate, all the better. There are a lot of great nominees, and some categories are really painful for me to decide. I do, however, want to offer up a couple of quick endorsements. I opted for RTB2 over Jonathan Tyler & Northern Lights, simply because I feel there's a greater blues sound in the music of RTB2. As for Binary Sunrise, they are probably the best electronica based band I've heard in awhile.
  16. "Echo and the Pass", Hendrick

  17. I just received Hendrick's upcoming CD, Exhale. I'm a little reluctant to say too much here, since I've had the songs for such a short time. In spite of said reluctance, I'm going to say this: "Echo and the Pass" is hands down the best song I've heard thus far this year. Yes, the song is long, clocking in at nearly eight minutes. Yet never for a second does the song fail to demand and command your attention. From its slow, gorgeous intro, to its intense climax, "Echo and the Pass" is a captivating gem of a song that needs to be heard by all.

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