Thursday, July 2, 2009

Update on Dada, Plus My Show Tonight

I wish I had some new news to offer my readers about the situation at Club Dada. The DC9 at Night blog has done an excellent job in covering the story, and I'd recommend you check it out for the latest info. I will tell you that if you were planning tonight to check out Zound Sound's head honcho, Marc Solomon, that the show has been moved from Dada to Sons of Hermann Hall. Friday night's show at Dada, however, is scheduled to go off as planned. I hope that this is a mere road bump in the history of Club Dada, arguably the most significant club in the history of Deep Ellum (certainly the club with the longest reign). Also, there are a couple of really cool shows happening there in the near future. Next friday, King Bucks and Macon Greyson play, along with the debut of Noah Caveny's new band, The Marfalites. And then of course, there's my anniversary show bash Friday, July 31st.

As for tonight, I invite you all to hang out with me at Lakewood Bar and Grill for a fabulous night of music. The poster tells you all you need to know, other than to be at the club at 9:00 for the entertainment.


Dr. Whitman said...

9pm is on tha poster..haVe u been drinking alreadY?!
...come in for a check-up.

"The Ghost" said...

I missed the fact that it was put on the poster. I didn't blow it up to full size before posting. I doubt there's anything the doctor that could make me see 9 pm in the small version of the picture in the file listing.