Sunday, July 26, 2009

MySpace Playlist: 7/26/09

  1. "Luminary", The Monco Poncho

  2. Originally my anniversary show was scheduled to go down August 1st. When it was changed to July 31st, it pitted me directly against a Monco Poncho show, an unenviable position to be in. The band will open for Kim Lenz & The Jaguars at Double-Wide. Without Nick Durham there, it will feel like just a little less of a party.
  3. "Lies", Camille Cortinas

  4. This is annoying. ANOTHER friend of mine up against my showcase.
  5. "You Know Nothing", Inner City All-Stars

  6. The band was originally scheduled to play when the date was August 1st, but when the date changed, the band was unable to move. Maybe I can get the band next year.
  7. "Better Things!", Spencer Garland

  8. "I Hate This So Called Reality", The League of Fucking Decency

  9. "For Keeps", Iris Leu

  10. "Rocketships", Menkena

  11. "California", The O's

  12. "You've Got Your Heart", The O's

  13. "Little Bear", Elkhart

  14. The rest of these acts, however, will be found this Friday night at City Tavern, helping me celebrating two years of blogging. Give the songs a listen, and I'm sure after doing so, the urge to come to my showcase will be overwhelming. By the way, even though I put The O's twice on my playlist, they're only playing one set. Just thought I should say that.

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