Friday, July 3, 2009

4th of July Weekend Shows

I'm not gonna lie, I'm shocked by the slim number of choice shows I'm finding for this weekend. Am I overlooking something? If so, PLEASE send me a comment and let me know. A number of shows I'm recommending are acts I haven't even seen yet. In those cases, I will put an asterik by the name of acts I've liked what I've heard of, but have not caught a live set. With that in mind, let's start the list:


94.5 Reunion (Lakewood Theater)
My first Deep Ellum show was Old 97's at Trees back in '96, so I missed out on the glory days of Deep Ellum. Yet through George Gimarc, I was well educated on some of Dallas' best offerings, thanks to his Tales from the Edge series of CD's, as well as the fact that 94.5 KDGE kept a number of local bands in regular rotation. Tonight, Mr. Gimarc is holding a party in honor of the beginnings of that station, and it features many of the premier Dallas bands of that time period, including pop poppins, The Bat Mastersons, and Deep Blue Something. I've heard conflicting stories as to whether Decadent Dub Team or Cottonmouth, TX is playing, but either way, Jeff Liles will be on stage. Oh, and John Easdale of Dramarama will be playing. Also, word has it that all of the original DJ's will be on hand for the event. This event is not just for those wanting to relive the heyday of alternative radio or Deep Ellum, but an opportunity for a new generation to see what they missed out on.
Matthew Gray/Iris Leu/Jason Remier/St. Philistine (The Cavern)
The Cavern's website says Iris goes on last, and Ms. Leu says she goes on at 11:30, with Matthew Gray (of Matthew & The Arrogant Sea) headlining. Either way, get there early enough to ensure you don't miss Iris' set. Trust me on this one.
The Drams/The Slow Burners (Dan's Silverleaf)
Hands down, winner of the "best show in little d" award for the Independence day weekend.
The Dirty Birds*

Les Americains/Slider Pines (Double-Wide)
You'd think that Saturday would be the night with the most shows this weekend, but the reverse is true. The only thing I can figure is that people are going to stay at home and party there over the weekend, and save some money in this rough economy. Obviously, someone didn't tell Chelsea Callahan this, as she has booked one heck of a party at Double-Wide. Both bands on the lineup blend a not so delicate balance of great hooks with energetic rock and roll spirit. By the way, this is supposed to be a pool party, so you might wanna bring your swimwear in your car just in case. Either way, this show will be loads of fun.
Western Giants*/Touching Tongues*/Manned Missiles/Violent Still Life (The Cavern)

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