Monday, April 27, 2009

End of an Era at Adair's

Mondays, as a general rule, suck. Your body hasn't recovered from the weekend, and to make matters worse, you have to go to work. Mondays were in need of something to make them less painful, and for the past year, Adair's has helped make Monday evening make up for the rest of the day. This was accomplished through the residency of King Bucks. To quote another local band, Pleasant Grove, "nothing this beautiful could ever last." And so tonight marks the end of the band's year long Monday night residency at Adair's. Please, no tears in beers over this; that's not how the band would want the last show to go down. Instead, there should be plenty of beers, but minus the tears. Besides, it's not like there won't be more opportunities to see the band. Just check out their MySpace and you'll find plenty of shows, even a few at Adair's. But alas, none of them are on Monday.

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