Sunday, April 19, 2009

MySpace Playlist: 4/19/09

  1. "Cathedrals", The Felons
    My playlist was all set and ready to be published, and The Felons had to mess it up by debuting a brand new track today. I've only seen the band once since the departure of Fred Holston on keyboard, and I always worried that his absence would leave a sonic hole in the band. This track lays to rest any worries that I've had. The track has something of a Muse-like feel, and that's not a bad thing. Not at all.

  2. "Evil on the Highway", Dove Hunter
    One of the great joys of being a blogger is the array of cool people I get to meet. Angela, a recent acquaintance of mine, is a big fan of such great bands as Rose County Fair, THe BAcksliders, and The O's. She also seems to have a thing for bands with great drummers. When I think of bands with great drummers, these are the first guys that come to mind. Enjoy, Angela!

  3. "Supernatural", Rahim Quazi
    I still haven't seen the new Listening Room at Club Dada, but the roster at the new side room has been first rate. This month has already seen Salim Nourallah, The Monco Poncho, and Winslow Bright performing there, among others. This Wednesday should be another killer show, with one of the favorite singer-songwriters (and one of my favorite persons for that matter) Rahim Quazi headlining. Manya Repnikova of Blue Petal and Morning Elephant (another really cool person) will be playing, as will Shanti. I know nothing about Shanti, but I'll assume Shanti is cool by the company she'll be keeping that night.

  4. "The Spilling Blood Child", RTB2
    "Wire to the Walls" has been on the playlist for the past two weeks, so I decided it was time to give the song a rest. Sure, I could give RTB2 a rest on the playlist, but why would I want to do that? Besides, it gives me a great opportunity to plug their performance at this Saturday's M2S2 festival. I cannot stress this enough, people: RSVP now. Doing so will ensure your ability to get in, and to get in free of charge for that matter. If you need the info, look up my article M2S2 RSVP for all the important contact info and stuff.

  5. "Pawn Shop Special", Noah Caveny
    I found Mr. Caveny's set at Sons of Hermann Hall last night to be quite enjoyable. I hadn't heard much about him before last night, but he definitely proved that his songwriting and performing chops are more than up to par.

  6. "Take a Ride", Lovie
    May 9th is still a little ways off, but I figured I would add a Lovie song in hopes of drumming up a little extra excitement for the Ultraviolet showcase. By the way, if you're in a band, start saving your pennies so you can bid on the opportunity to have me review your album. I hope to have a bidding war over this so that it helps raise a lot of money to help find a cure for Cystic Fibrosis. And I'm not going to lie, a bidding war would be a nice stroke for my ego.

  7. "It's All Coming Down", Binary Sunrise
    One of the biggest problems I face as a blogger and music fan is discovering too much good music. I saw Binary Sunrise for the first time last June at Double-Wide, and I remember being impressed by their performance. Over nine months pass, and I do not manage to make it to a single Binary Sunrise show. Finally, I go to the Good Records showcase yesterday and catch them. They were even better yesterday than I recall them being at Double-Wide. Letting another nine months pass without another Binary Sunrise show would be criminal.

  8. "Rocketships", Menkena
    Good news: Menkena is in the midst of recording their first proper full-length album. Bad news: as a result, it looks like there may not be many Menkena shows on the horizon in the future. Yay to the first, boo to the second.

  9. "Devil's Basement", Jonathan Tyler & Northern Lights
    I thought this was a good song when I listened to it on MySpace. After hearing them perform this song live yesterday at Good Records, this MP3 pales in comparison. There is a definite energy in their live performance that is near impossible to capture thru a recording. If you missed their Good Records performance, be sure to RSVP to see them headline the M2S2 festival.

  10. "Clever Found a Name", Deathray Davies
    I got the opportunity to chat with DRD frontman John Dufilho at the Good Records show, and he tells me that there are some live shows on the horizon for the band. And yes, there is a Dallas date among them. I don't know if I can officially announce the date and venue for their Dallas show, but once I get the official okay, you will be the first to know. In the meantime, enjoy this DRD classic.

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bill h said...

I still love the Felons. Dave H is one fine singer. Can't wait to catch the new tunes.