Friday, April 24, 2009

Complete Weekend Update (aka All Shows Not Called M2S2)


  • Cas Haley/Camillle Cortinas/DogDanger (Opening Bell Coffee Mosaic)
    I recently reported that Camille Cortinas was no longer using the band name of Fishing For Comets and the shows will be billed as Camille Cortinas shows. Normally her shows will feature the full FFC band, but tonight's show only features Eric Neal accompanying her. Camille consistently gives an enjoyable show that is sure to bring a smile to even the biggest scrooge's face. I've only seen DogDander once, but this project fronted by Billygoat Brink (please tell me that's a stage name) shows incredible promise.

  • Eleven Hundred Springs/Tejas Brothers/Deke Dickerson/Jesse Dayton (Double-Wide)
    This show starts unusually early (7:30 to be precise) and is sure to be a big freakin' deal. Things you can count on if you go to this show: parking will be a major bitch, the music will kick serious butt, and you will probably wind up hungover the next morning.

  • Matthew and the Arrogant Sea/Florene/Nervous Curtains (City Tavern)
    This is a solid lineup for fans of Denton indie rock/electronica/experimental/etc. Matthew and the Arrogant Sea may have the biggest blog following, but for my money, I'd say that Nervous Curtains are the strongest band on the lineup.

  • The O's/Romp Almighty/King of the Rabbit Trail (The Cavern)
    In case you can't make M2S2, or in case one show of The O's in one day isn't enough, check them out at The Cavern. While you're there, you can pick up the brand new Romp Almighty CD, as this is their CD release party.

  • Rodney Parker & The 50 Peso Reward/The Orbans (Andy's Bar)
    Obviously The O's are not the only band who are feeling the need to play a show after M2S2. By the way, have you checked out the "Were Her" video? I think that both the video and the song are beautifully produced, both looking and sounding incredible. If you live in little D, this is the show to attend.

  • Rahim Quazi (Veritas)
    Rahim, why did you have to book a show here against M2S2? Seriously. You're one of Dallas' finest singer-songwriters (probably second only to Salim Nourallah in my book), and it has been forever since I've had the privilege of hearing you play live. Although a wine bar might not be where one would expect to hear such great live music, the spirits of the wine might mix with the spirit of the music in quite an intoxicating manner. If I could clone myself, I'd be here too in a split second. Oh well...

And of course, there's M2S2, but you already knew that.

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Anonymous said...

The Cas Haley/DDM show @ Mosaic was fantatstic. Camille, as always, was lovely & in fine voice. And, making the night even better, the show was over early enough to take a trip down to thriving Deep Ellum town & take in the last set of the night by the King Bucks!