Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Ghost of Blind Lemon Sells Out... for a Good Cause

Yesterday, I revealed the lineup for the upcoming Ultraviolet showcase that will take place May 9th at Club Dada. I am always happy to promote the Ultraviolet showcase each year; I love any show that is put on in order to help a cause. This one, however, is perhaps a little more special to me than most. During my time of blogging, I have gotten to know Rebecca Robinson Dixon, lead singer of Lovie. She is truly a sweet person who always brings a smile to anyone's face that she encounters. Any opportunity to help her and/or her daughter is an opportunity I will gladly take.

Obviously, part of that is promoting the upcoming Dada show. I wanted, however, to go a step above and beyond that. This is where local photographer Ange Fitzgerald comes in; she is the woman behind the silent auction that will be taking place at the Ultraviolet showcase. Included in the auction will be art, photography, poetry, and other such creative works. I would have loved to be able to give Ms. Fitzgerald a piece of art to the auction, but there's one problem: I draw worse than your average five year old. I tried poetry. Here is one of my poems:

Roses are red,
Oranges are orange,
And I can't think of a word
That rhymes with orange.

Okay, so the poetry route isn't such a good idea either. There is one thing that I can do well, and that is write about the local music scene. So instead of art, photography, or poetry, I am auctioning off a CD review. That's right, for a minimum donation of $20 (hopefully more if there's a bidding war over yours truly), I will write a review of your band's album. I do not promise a glowing review in my blog, only a honest review. Having said that, if you are of the belief that any press is good press, then this might be the perfect opportunity to gather some extra exposure. Plus, you get good karma points for giving to an important cause, as all the money to the auction items goes to help the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

Below is a copy of the bid form that you will find at the silent auction. Take a look at it for the basic details of how the review works. I hope to see everyone at the auction, and bring plenty of money to bid on the potential album review!


shooting from the hip said...

Thanks Ghost! we @ Team UltraViolet think you're just swell. xo

Anonymous said...

I'm going to take you up on it.