Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Fishing For a Solo Career?

So what do you call it when a band no longer exists, but hasn't broken up? I didn't think such a thing was possible until yesterday. In a MySpace bulletin, Camille Cortinas announced that there would be no more Fishing For Comets shows. Before any FCC readers start to panic, let me put some of your fears to rest. Camille Cortinas will still be playing songs, but now as a solo artist. These will be the same songs you have come to know and love from her band. While the future gigs will be considered "solo" gigs, she will be playing with all of the same members of Fishing For Comets; there will be no change in lineup.

I got the opportunity to chat with Camille earlier today, and I asked about her reasoning behind this decision. The reasons for the switch varied from the band's internet domain expiring (goodbye to her frustration about venues butchering her band's name. Fishing For Comets seems pretty straight forward to me, but clubs have been notorious for misspelling names of bands. I also asked her if this signified any change in the group dynamic. Ms. Cortinas has surrounded herself with an A-grade cast of local musicians, and I wondered if her becoming a "solo" act meant a redistribution in the sharing of creative musical input. Camille put this worry of mine to rest in a hurry. Simply put, the only difference between a Fishing For Comets show and a Camille Cortinas show is the name. A rose by any other name would smell as sweet, and the same music by any other name will sound as sweet.

For those wanting to see Camille do her "solo" material, you can check her out this Friday at the Mosaic location of Opening Bell Coffee. Cas Haley will headline, and Dog Dander will also share the bill.

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