Saturday, April 4, 2009

Some Saturday Night Shows

Alright, alright... so I'm late yet again on recommending shows for the weekend. Fortunately, there were only two shows worth mentioning yesterday. One was Jack with One Eye at City Tavern, the other being Klickitat at White Rock Coffee. For those who haven't seen Klickitat, it's simply Michaela Kuenster on piano/keyboard, and the best description I have is that she's a quirky mix of Tori Amos and Aimee Mann. If you're not familiar with her music, please click on the link above. Her sound is unique and intriguing, and I believe that with a little extra exposure, she could be a significant musical name around town.

But alas, I digress. I'm supposed to let you know the shows you can still see tonight. Tonight's options are a lot stronger. Here we go:

The Demigs/Slider Pines/The Alice (Hailey's)
It's been well over a year since the last time I saw The Demigs. From what I'm gathering, their sound has mellowed out somewhat, leaning less heavily on their earlier Pixies influence and creating a more melodic sound. Whether the sound is more pre-grunge or straight ahead indie pop, The Demigs will have no problem maintaining the attention of the crowd at Hailey's. Slider Pines does not seem like an obvious fit for The Demigs, as their music leans much more towards a high octane version of The Kinks. Both bands are great live, however, so whatever sonic differences there are between the bands, there is a common thread of quality in their music.
Somebody's Darling/The O's/Ben Tapia (City Tavern)
Ah, if I had a dollar for every time I raved about Somebody's Darling or The O's, I just might be able to blog as a full time job. I know that City Tavern usually doesn't charge a cover. This seems like an unusually strong pairing to be able to see free of charge. Heck, I'd gladly pay $8 cover charge for either act alone. To get both together for free? Suh-weet!
The Southern Sea/Cocky Americans/Elkhart (Double-Wide)
Every now and then, I see a lineup that feels backwards. When Elkhart released their CD, The Moon, my expectations were somewhat modest. I liked Travis Hopper's solo material, but I was unprepared for the gorgeous, slow alt-country style ballads that came one right after the other on the CD. The band has helped to fill the void left by Pleasant Grove's absence on the scene. If I was the one choosing the lineup, I would put them as the headliners. As for Cocky Americans, I have yet to see a live show of theirs, but everything I've heard so far is solid, straight ahead good rock and roll.
The Slack (Lee Harvey's)
I need help here. How many ways are there to say that Chris Holt is the best damn musician in Dallas? I don't want to sound like a broken record here, but what else is there to say? So let me say this: Lee Harvey's has no cover charge.
Spector 45 (Deep Ellum Arts Festival)
Perhaps it's just me, but it seems like this Saturday's lineup is a tad disappointing overall. Still, let me point out a few highlights. Darrin Kobitech plays a solo gig at 4:00 on the Singer Songwriter stage, immediately followed by his full band, Blackland River Devils. For those into a more mellow mix of electronica and pop, Shock of Pleasure may prove to be your cup of tea. The festival planners saved the best for last, and Spector 45 is sure to rev up the crowd and kick some rock and roll butt.

Having been a little hard on the Saturday lineup for the Deep Ellum Arts Festival, let me say that the Sunday lineup is the best day for music. Highlights include The Felons, Inner City-All Stars, Escort Service, and the best live band in Dallas, THe BAcksliders. Click here for the festival's website. From there, you can see the schedule.

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