Sunday, April 26, 2009

MySpace Playlist: 4/26/09

  1. "Were Here", The Orbans
    My hopes were high for the Orbans' performance last night at M2S2, and the band most definitely met those hopes. Within the two year period since the last time I saw the band (under the name The Lifters), they have gone from a good band to a band who's sound is so tight and incredible that they are inches away from being ready for the big time. The band has a lot of shows in the Dallas/Denton/Fort Worth area within the next month, and I would advise you to check one out, because they may not stick around these parts much longer.

  2. "California", The O's
    What's better than seeing a performance by the O's? The answer is getting to see two performances by the O's in a day. I went from seeing them at M2S2 to catching their set at The Cavern. Amazingly enough, they played another show earlier that day. I suspect that John Pedigo and Taylor Young are either still sleeping at this moment or nursing a very nasty hangover. By the way, next time you see Mr. Pedigo, ask him to show off his new belt. It's pretty darn nifty.

  3. "Doreen", Old 97's
    I thought about doing a playlist exclusively of bands whose name begin with O. I came up with The Orbans, The O's, and of course Old 97's. And then I got stumped. So much for that idea. Still, it's a miniplaylist of bands beginning with the letter O, plus it's always a good thing to have an Old 97's song on a playlist.

  4. "Secrets That You Keep", J.D. Whittenburg
    Mr. Whittenburg has kept busy playing with Eastwood lately, which seems to have resulted in putting his own solo material on the backburner. Fortunately, he came out of hibernation this week to play a set at Allgood Cafe, and I know he's got another solo gig coming up. I don't remember when or where, but I saw it somewhere on the interwebs. Anyways, this is by far my favorite track off of his solo CD.

  5. "On the Ground", Tripping Daisy
    Not all songs have a particularly special reason for being on my playlist. This song is the perfect example. This Tripping Daisy song came up on shuffle on iTunes yesterday, and I just felt it needed to be on this week's playlist, and so it is now.

  6. "Lovable", Winslow Bright
    When I first got Winslow Bright's CD, it stayed in heavy rotation for several weeks. Alas, since I'm always discovering new bands and albums, it's easy for an album that I once raved about to be put on the backburner. I felt that it was time, however, to put Ms. Bright back on the limelight and make room in the playlist for the title track of her CD.

  7. "Maybellene Don't", THe BAcksliders
    THe BAcksliders are calling this the first "single" from the album Thank You. Unless they plan on putting out another 7" (which I'd welcome) then I suspect they just mean this is their "empashis track" for lack of a better phrase. Whatever you call it, it's good rock and roll, and I'm sure you'll hear this song when they play House of Blues on May 16th.

  8. "You Know Nothing", Inner City All-Stars
    Yesterday was last call for local bar Gezellig. I went to the club exaclty three times, and for all three times, Inner City All-Stars was part of the lineup. I guess I'll have to find a new place to watch the band.

  9. "Lightbulbs", Something in the Wheel
    I finally got the opportunity to see the band for the first time last night, and I was quite impressed by their perfomance. Their music is a simple yet beautiful blend of folk and bluegrass, and this particular song stood out to me as one of their finest. Fans of the O's need to check out SITW.

  10. "Some Sweet Day", Budapest One
    I was all excited about the upcoming Budapest One reunion show Friday night at the Fairmount in Fort Worth. Rumor has it, however, that the reunion show will not be happening after all, though the cut*off and Whiskey Folk Ramblers will definitely be playing that night. I'll let you know more as I know more.

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