Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Watch This, Then Watch It Again... and Again... and Again...

I come home, check my email, and find a letter from The Orbans (previously called The Lifters for those keeping score) sending me a link to their new music video for "Were Her". I enjoyed many of the Lifters songs, most notably "Carolina", whose intro sucks you in immediately. I therefore expected good things from the new song.

What happened next came out of left field for me. This song knocked me off of my feet, and I am not sure of the last time a song had that effect on me. From the first moment, my ears were drawn to the organ intro and the guitars, and lead vocalist Peter Black's voice is quite impressive. The song begs for radio play not because it is generic and traditional Top 40 material, but instead blends a perfectly polished production quality with a melody that leavings you craving repeat listens. Simply put, this is the song you wish the radio stations would play.

The Orbans have yet to release a full length album (although they released Switchblade Waterpistol as The Lifters), so it's too early for me to say how good the band is as a whole. What I can say, however, is that if this song is indicative of the quality of their music, then The Orbans will be one of my new favorite bands.

Don't take my word on how good the song is. Here is the video for "Were Her". The credits start at the beginning of the video, and the song itself starts at about 00:19 or so. And if you're like me, you'll find yourself playing this video more than once. And by more than once, I mean you'll play it so many times that if it was a vinyl single, it'd be worn out by tomorrow.

The Best Unsigned Band in Texas!! The Orbans "Were Her" music video from Jon Todd Collins on Vimeo.


nimbusthegreat said...

i love this band. i'm surprised you haven't gotten into them before now! also, for the record they were even another band before lifters when they were called theif.

"The Ghost" said...

I saw them once as The Lifters and thought they were a good band, but this song is just amazing. I will be checking them out this Saturday at M2S2 to see how the rest of the songs compare. I have a feeling I'm going to be impressed.

Anonymous said...

actually, the bands before the orbans had different members and from what i understand from one of the guys, they had to legally change their name b/c there was another lifters that had already released records out of austin. oh well, great band with whatever name!